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Connecticut Abolishes Death Penalty

April 10, 2012

Dear Readers,

I get many emails every day from listeners to the Bob Grant Show, I wish I could publish most of them. Every now and then I read a letter that cries out for help to our sick governments, whether it be the Federal government in Washington or the state government in whatever state you may reside in. If you live in Connecticut, for example, you may get some comfort to know you are not alone in your anguish over the repeal of the death penalty. The day will probably come when the death penalty will be abolished in every state in the union because the Obama administration will have four more years to bring the United States in line with the socialist governments of Europe. Just last week we had another killing by a parolee who was set free after 10 years in prison. It didn’t take this enemy of society to demonstrate the wisdom of my saying that once a person demonstrates that he is a danger to the rest of us, once that savage says, “Hey look at me: I steal, I rape and I kill,” that person should be executed. But since we can’t do that then we should keep him locked up until he dies in prison. If you believe in logic, if you believe in safety for the innocent citizen, then you will have to agree with me and the writer of this letter which is being published today. Straight ahead and please read this man’s finely written message.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob,

The State of Connecticut has sent a message to the vermin of our society and the message is this: If you want to murder someone, bring them to Connecticut and murder them here. Not only will your life be spared, but you will be fed, have housing and medical care for the rest of your days. Oh, and if you want to appeal your life sentence, we’ll pay for that, too. And you can kill as many times as you like. You’ll still get the same life sentence. We will just get the great unwashed to foot the bill with gimmicks such as retroactive tax increases (even those on the victims’ next of kin). And Bob, if you look at some the horrendous crimes that have permeated this state in recent years, the assailants have NOT been African-American (as the minority community claims that capital punishment seems to favor them). The murderers of the Petit women, Annie Le, Tim & Kim Donnelly, and Martha Moxley were all white. Bob, it has finally happened. I can say without any reservation that I am ashamed to live in Connecticut. In four years, I can retire from my job. Once that happens, my wife and I will leave this state because, as you know, they tax pensions here. We will never return unless it’s in a box. Then I can be a permanent resident without paying taxes.

Vincent Perrelli



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