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Aftermath of the Colorado Tragedy

July 20, 2012

Like all of you, I was shocked and sickened when I woke up to hear the tragic news coming from Aurora, Colorado that one of the many deranged wackos who live amongst us revealed himself and took the lives of over one dozen innocent Americans. The news is something we ordinary people hate to hear. But, I suspect the television big shots actually welcome these stories. I don’t mean they are happy so many innocent people were ruthlessly murdered. No, they are not guilty of that, but no matter what network we are talking about, these people would have to admit, “Yes, we do get better ratings when something like this happens and that is why we milk the story for all it is worth.” I know how these people think and I understand their selfishness. After all, television is a very competitive business. But, that is the least of my concern.

My concern is what are we going to do about avenging this heinous outrage? What are we going to do with this monster? Are we going to let him fade into the history books without proper punishment? Are we going to let him slip by as we did with that Muslim creep, Nidal Hasan? I will bet most of you don’t even remember his name. What about the maniac who shot Rep. Gabby Giffords and killed the precious granddaughter of baseball manager, Dallas Green? Have either one of these fiends been brought to justice? What ever happened to the saying, “Justice delayed is justice denied?” I haven’t even mentioned the thugs who were behind the death of over 3,000 Americans in the destruction of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. When will these repulsive pieces of garbage be brought to trial? And, why are they even going to get a trial? Do they deserve that? Eric Holder wanted to try this bunch in the heart of lower Manhattan. He would have done so if sane Americans like you and me hadn’t raised a big fuss. Speaking of Eric Holder, I dread the fact that his boss and your “president” is taking advantage of the tragedy in Colorado. It was announced over and over that he will speak to the American people regarding the tragedy. He is already putting out a press release saying, “Michelle and I are saddened by this horrific news out of Colorado.” Does anybody really believe they are sickened and saddened? They are jubilant as long as nobody sees their happy faces. And before you ask, I will tell you why they are jubilant. They are ecstatic because this is a gift from this fiend. Can you imagine how he is going to use this to get more votes including strengthening his anti-gun agenda. He has been campaigning for re-election since he was first elected in 2008. Yes, he will probably carry Colorado for sure and who knows how many other states — thanks to the act he is putting on today. He will play it for all it is worth. Don’t forget that his right hand thug, David Axelrod, said not too long ago, “We must never fail to take advantage of bad news.” That is what Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel and their boss all believe and we suckers fall for it.

Well, maybe you fall for it, but I don’t. I warn you not to be taken in but then again those of you who read this blog ( and listen to the Bob Grant Show on WABC know better. Too bad that we are outnumbered by those idiots who will vote for him again. Please, don’t be shy. Send me an email and let me know what you think. And spread the word that we are here. Let me hear from you!

Bob Grant

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