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An Unjust Verdict

May 22, 2012

I just watched a poor excuse for a judge render a verdict in the case of the tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi. He was the 18-year-old, talented violin student and Rutgers University student who was driven to suicide by a sadistic college dorm roommate who came here from India. It seems that this arrogant, bigoted punk did not approve of Clementi’s sexual orientation. It seems that he decided the next time Clementi was going to have a homosexual tryst, he would set up a hidden webcam and record the intimate conduct which was streamed to fellow students. Sure enough, the time did come when Tyler had his tryst and every movement was filmed for dispersal on the Internet. So, this swine made himself a hero in the eyes of other sick, sadistic underclassmen. The camera did its dirty work all too well. It recorded the homosexual behavior of Tyler and his “date.” It didn’t take long for this fiend to advertise the webcam viewing via Twitter to 150 students to view his webcam so they could have a big laugh at Clementi’s expense.

No one, least of all, Dharun Ravi, thought for one minute the enormous pain it would cause this sensitive, talented young man. The jury did find Ravi guilty. However, the law in New Jersey says in this type of case the judge has sole authority over the sentencing of the convicted. Unfortunately, this judge was more interested in showcasing his acting ability and his ability to sound like Solomon even though he came across like the narcissist he really is.

I cannot help but think of the pain Tyler Clementi felt which drove him to jump into the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge. I cannot help but dwell on the look of pain and devastation on the faces of the parents of this tormented and bullied young man. Above all, I cannot help but think of the calm, cool emotionless face of the guilty sadist who committed the crime. Too bad America is no longer the land of justice and fairness.

Bob Grant

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