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We Must Preserve Christmas Traditions

November 26, 2012

Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday I began wondering, “What is your favorite holiday?” Many people like Thanksgiving because they feel it is a truly all American holiday. There is no religion involved. Isn’t it pathetic that we have degenerated so much that we have to be politically correct when it comes to anything that might reveal we might harbor Christian thoughts? Oh my, what if the religious police should find out? What would happen to me. . . or to us?

I see that in Santa Monica, California, the churches are taking the nativity scenes off their front lawns and putting them inside. Or, maybe they are hiding the nativity scenes in the church basements. At any rate, a liberal, atheistic judge did rule that henceforth no scenes depicting the birth of the baby Jesus shall be displayed brazenly on the front lawn of the church property. I can understand some people objecting to Christian displays during the Christmas season when the birth of Jesus, which is, of course, the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. What harm does it do to anyone that we have in our midst a majority of people who celebrate the birth of Jesus and the traditions of Christmas? I have read narratives by Jewish-Americans who have eloquently talked of the season and how much they enjoyed what they saw and heard. There are many who have expressed the beauty of the Christmas carols and holiday songs and all that goes with the season.

The great Thanksgiving tradition once again occurred in Manhattan. Jolly St. Nick also participated. Is anybody damaged because Santa Claus is everywhere to be seen with his bright red suit and white beard and his cheerful Christmas greeting? Well, apparently the people of Santa Monica and mostly the federal judge who would like to wipe Christmas from the calendar have a problem with Santa Claus. The sad truth is that someday the enemies of peace on earth to men of goodwill will win unless we find the courage to stand up to these atheists and tell them even Scrooge found Christmas in his heart!

Bob Grant

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