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The Chicago Democrats

February 29, 2012

Since Barack Obama and so many of his cronies are from Chicago, I have been asked how I, who also came from Chicago, am not a Democrat. That is a fair question and one that I welcome. As a wee lad, I was considered precocious. I loved to hear my father and uncles argue about world affairs and, of course, politics. My father’s family knew that the city of Chicago was overpopulated with Democrats. These Democrats were in total control of the city of Chicago and Cook County. If you haven’t heard of Cook County, you are missing something. As a youngster I was aware from the beginning that any time the doorbell rang and the person pressing the button was looking for a donation or something to contribute to the political machine, it was always a Democrat. There wasn’t a Republican to be found anywhere. And since all the politicians were crooks of one stripe or another, I concluded that being a Democrat and a crook were synonymous.

During the presidential campaigns, the tension in the neighborhood was apparent because the tenants in the building where we lived all were given pictures of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. These pictures were usually stuck on the windows of the various apartments. My father, who read the Chicago Tribune like the Bible (because it was his Bible), was furious that everybody had a picture of Roosevelt in the window. He despised F.D.R. So, he got hold of a picture of Tom Dewey, the New York governor who was the Republican nominee. Thanks to that picture of Governor Dewey pasted to our window, I had to take abuse from my boyhood friends. These kids treated me like I was from another planet. “How come your dad puts up a picture of that creep,” they would ask. They also wondered if I wasn’t afraid that someone might throw a brick through the window. I was too young to realize the gravity of the situation. Here we were an American family in the United States of America and we had to hide our political allegiance. Is that what America was supposed to mean? No one could vote for the person of their choice? We all had to march in lockstep, no different than those Germans who had to walk in lockstep and shout, “Zieg Heil.” If a person did the wrong thing by expressing opposition to Der Fuhrer, he would wind up in a concentration camp. But, here in America we were supposed to be free to express our opinions without fear.

We may have been surrounded by Democrats, but my father was a proud Republican, and I became a proud Republican. I am a proud Republican to this day. But, if you are a proud Democrat, that is your right. Don’t think because Obama seems to be headed for a second term that you have a right to castigate those of us who consider him the worst possible excuse for a leader. Come to think of it, maybe the Republicans will finally wise up and stop fighting amongst themselves and rally behind the best hope we have for ousting that misfit in the White House: Mitt Romney. Romney, get better and better and win that election come November. If you do then you will have saved us from catastrophe!

Bob Grant

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