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It’s Alright to Feel Resentful Sometimes

July 19, 2012

An old and dear friend of mine, whom I haven’t corresponded with for quite some time just sent me an email. In it he let loose with some pent up anger and resentments. His anger was not directed at me and his resentment had nothing to do with me. On the contrary, he said he knew I would be the only one with which he could, “Let it all hang out.” And, he knew I would not preach to him. I truly appreciate this person’s opinion of me and his concern for what others might say if they read or heard what he had to say.

I have noticed just about everybody I know and everybody who I have confided in cannot help themselves. They have to “preach” to someone. These are people who are frustrated and jealous. I don’t condemn them for being frustrated. There are so many people who seem to acquire more and more. They seem to have been born with the gods smiling down on them. What bothers my friends the most is that these people who seem to get so much and do so little are arrogant, uncaring and voracious in their appetite for more. If I were to name some of them, you would be surprised. These people seem all too capable of beguiling you. This friend of mine said to me, “Bob, why do these jerks seem to always get the best of everything?” I did not want to lecture this poor fellow, so I didn’t say much. But, he got me to thinking. I think this fellow has decided he knows who should be rich and happy and successful. He thinks he can see inside a person’s head and heart. He seems to think he is the only one who can judge who shall be rewarded and who shall be punished. In another words, he wants to play God. I think at times we all fall into that trap.

I have lived many years . . . most of those years have been in the cutthroat broadcast business. I have been stabbed in the back many times, but I do not allow those people to control my life. I remember the great Bill Wilson saying, “If you hate someone so intensely that person owns you. That person is the last one you think about before you go to sleep and first one you think about when you wake up in the morning.” But, those words fall upon deaf ears because most people are too shallow to understand the wisdom of prying for those individuals we would like to hate, rather than wishing they would succumb to a fatal and horrific disease. I know there are many of you who are not jealous or hateful. Rather avoid comparing your insides with that person’s outside. It won’t make you any richer and it won’t stop him from getting more than he deserves, but it just might make you sleep better tonight and you might even smile when you look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning. And one other thing . . . if you are going to resent anyone, maybe you should start with the most arrogant, liar in the country. I wonder who that could be?

Bob Grant

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