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Obama’s Disastrous Plan for America

November 2, 2012

I see that this weekend we turn the clocks back one hour. I am not sure why, but I love that day in early March when we turn the clocks ahead one hour. On the other hand, I find this time of year when we move the timepieces back one hour I get somewhat depressed. Can anyone offer a reason why that happens? That’s all right if you can’t. Maybe you are as neurotic as I am. This year, however it isn’t the changing of the clock that has me depressed. What really has me depressed is the knowledge that Barack the bold liar in chief will get four more years to complete his mission: the destruction of what was once known as the United States of America. From the very beginning of his phony conduct as the chief executive I could see how fake he was. He has been given two gifts by the American people. The first gift was the actual awarding of the presidency and the second gift is being provided by the perfidious and sadistic weatherman.

The first gift was provided by people who were naive enough to think that this racist man would bring a palliative to the guilt-ridden white goofs. They really thought somehow that by electing this man of whom we really still don’t know much about, we would expiate all our guilt. Let’s call it the white man’s curse. I don’t have any of that misplaced and pathetic guilt. My grandparents weren’t even in this country when slavery was still legal in the south, at least. But, there is no need to go into that again. Let us instead focus on what the storm which is called Hurricane Sandy has unleashed. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy the momentum that Mitt Romney had going for him has been stopped dead in its tracks. Obama, playing president, is able to monopolize the airwaves. Poor Mitt, who is obviously a good and decent man, would get this nation back on top in every way that is affected by strong leadership. It won’t happen because Hurricane Sandy is in league with the devil, who is for Barack the Boastful. This storm was the October surprise.

There you have it. No sermon from me. No stem-winding speech from me, no nothing because I am fed up with the people of America who are so shallow and gullible that this coming Tuesday they will vote for that enemy of America to continue his destruction of the America we loved. But thanks to the devil and his unleashing of the storm, Barack gets those four more years. As a legendary American performer who was one of the most popular performers on the American scene in movies, in nightclubs, everywhere, Al Jolson, used to sing, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”

Bob Grant

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