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Addressing Obama’s Agenda

April 9, 2012

Dear Readers,

Please read the following letter I received from a loyal reader. The letter is addressed to Barack Obama.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Mr. President:

Van Jones is a moron . . . a moron with a new dopey book. I’m watching him on “Morning Joe” — part of the White House owned network known as MSNBC. What an idiot. What a dangerous idiot! What a buffoon! What a creep! With friends like him, you don’t need enemies. Sounds like he thinks you aren’t nearly radical enough, and he wants Hillary to be the president. It wouldn’t surprise me if she and Bill are behind this incompetent thief making a fool out of himself on national television. He was the Green Jobs Czar who helped put you on the path to green failure: ALL ON MY DIME. Everyday there’s yet another Solyndra outrage. And John F. Kennedy turns in his grave over your letting that self-avowed communist within a mile of the White House. And that crack he made yesterday? Are you kidding me? Appearing on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner,” former White House adviser Van Jones said that embracing gay marriage, or even being gay himself would not lose President Obama any support among African-Americans. He must have been talking to Rahm Emanuel. Again, sounds like Van Jones is working for the Clintons.

And who came out with that exact figure of women getting $150 less per week than men? If women don’t get paid enough at their job, let them open their own business and be done with it. No more bureaucracy to interfere with the discretion of the small business owner to judge the value of an employee. How much more is this going to cost me, the taxpayer? The problem is, you’ve crushed both the male and female entrepreneur with gasoline prices through the roof, choked us with your pathological regulatory agencies, inflated our currency (which is the Bernanke house of over-inflation cards about to crumble), and practically outlawed Adam Smith from every public school in the land. Heaven forbid we educate our kids about free market economics.

Months back, I watched part of the dedication of the Martin Luther King monument. Someone actually gave a speech and implored African-Americans to learn economics and save their money. It was refreshing as hell. And MLK promoted black entrepreneurship and then you come along with your 47 million food stamp dependents, thereby obliterating upward mobility for all Americans regardless of race. Eric Holder is another disaster as he tries to smooth over your disgraceful disdain for the Supreme Court. And why you and he haven’t been impeached over Fast & Furious is beyond me. I hope the Republican candidate runs on our losses of freedom under you, for Brian Terry died so that you could yank Americans’ guns in Hitleresque style. By all means, continue to think we’re dopes. And Nancy Pelosi, who got rich being in Congress, tells the Republicans to “take back their party.” Is she kidding? I think she needs to lay off the vodka, and take back her pickled brain. I hope her “pass-it-then-read-it-quote” shows up in a thousand Republican commercials from now until November. She is creepy, vile, and un-American. And I think that the Steve Wynn quote of Nancy punishing a member of Congress needs to be aired over and over and over again.

If Republicans were smart, they’d embrace every would-be entrepreneur, whether they are white, black, brown, male or female. The promise of tearing up your grotesque conglomeration of regulations will lead the way to the small business person defeating your sick socialist sovereignty-destroying agenda. I have confidence in the Republican team. I have confidence in freedom overcoming your twisted vision of global world government. Your agenda unfolded over time. At first, I supported the First Lady promoting veggies. But when she turned that into grammar school food fascism, I had to speak out. And now, I hear you talking about the lack of access to nutritious food. So I figure the plan all along was to go Soviet with state-owned farms popping up everywhere if you were to be re-elected. How else would you control the cost of produce? And Rep. Maxine Waters wanted socialized oil, too, as I recall. She needs to retire asap.

Yet, with all the damage you’ve wrought, I have confidence in others like me, boldly speaking out and getting this wonderful country back on its feet. And I have confidence in the Republicans articulating a vision of limited government leading the way for all Americans to overcome both the bad economy and the racial divide you’ve created. Herman Cain ’are you there? We can use you now. Prayers for our troops as we celebrate Christ’s rising at Easter.

Maureen Crowley


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