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September 11, 2012

I Remember All Too Well That Day

It was on the 11th of September, 2001, that I was just entering the parking lot of a popular diner in Staten Island. This diner was located just inside Staten Island at the western tip of Staten Island. The time was just a few minutes before the first terrorist savages had highjacked an airliner at Logan International Airport in Boston. That plane was aimed for the North Tower, which hit at 9:46 a.m. ET. At 9:03, the other hijacked plane out of Boston and hit the South Tower. At that very moment, I was in my automobile which I had parked at the diner parking lot. My old friend, Freddie Pantaleone approached me and said, “Let’s get on the Staten Island Expressway and cross into Brooklyn.” Freddie was more concerned with getting me to my scheduled meeting in Brooklyn than he was concerned with anything else. But, the mayhem the attack on the Twin Towers caused a huge traffic jam and no cars were being allowed to leave Staten Island for Brooklyn.

The police captain in charge of all traffic eastbound told us we would have to stay where we were, and could not make a U-turn. Freddie smiled at the police captain and said, “I’ve got Bob Grant in this car and he has to make it to his studio for his special radio broadcast. The captain stuck his head inside the automobile and recognized me at once. “Hi ya, Bob,”, he said and told Fred he could make a U-turn since he had me in the car. At this point the fun really began. I can only tell you that I never saw anybody drive on the grass the way Freddie did. What made all of this particularly entertaining was the official way Freddie broke all the traffic rules. On that tragic day, nobody seemed to care. When we got to the Outer Bridge, I was told the chief in charge of Hudson River crossings wanted to see me in his tower office at the entrance of the bridge. The chief wanted to meet me and to thank me for the support I had always given to the police officers of the Port Authority police. I thanked him for giving me a special pass to cross on the Outer Bridge when no one else was allowed to do so.

I made it back to my home where I had an auxiliary radio studio since I couldn’t get into Manhattan. No one knew where I was. All they knew was that the show sounded just fine. All I knew was this had been one of the worst, if not the worst day in American history. Only Pearl Harbor could compare. There are so many memories I have for that infamous day. Perhaps one day I will find the time to share all those memories with you.

Bob Grant

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