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The Capture of a Notorious Mobster

June 24, 2011

I have been reading in the newspapers and seeing on television the so-called big story that a longtime fugitive by the name of James Whitey Bulger has been apprehended. This guy was one of the biggest mobsters in the Boston, Massachusetts area and was the leader of the Winter Hill Gang. He was responsible for the murders of at least 19 people and when he took it on the lam — he had suitcases full of cash. He had hidden cash in safety deposit boxes all over the country. This man is reputed to be the biggest Irish mobster in the nation! He was so legendary that Jack Nicholson played him in a movie titled, “’Til Death Do Us Part.” There is no doubt that this enemy of society is as bad as they come. There wasn’t any crime too heinous for him. This man exemplifies what our concept of a big time gangster is.

But, there are many people in this once great Republic who are violating the law one way or another. I recall quite vividly an evening in the Beverly Hills mansion of a very successful practicing attorney. This man was from the east and he was a fan of mine. The occasion of our get together was one of socializing. He had many high profile clients. Most of his clients were involved in litigious divorce proceedings. Of course, virtually every one of them would be familiar to you because they appeared in motion pictures.

My host, in trying to give me an idea of what life in Hollywood was like said very simply, “You know, Bob, having a law license out here is like having a license to steal.” I never forgot those words or the man who spoke them. But, there are many professions in America that are really granted a license to steal. Take the dental profession. Recently, due to problems with several teeth, I chose to have seven extractions and to be fit with a denture for my upper teeth. I thought all I would have to do is to go to a dentist and have him do the extractions and then, when my mouth was healed, I would have an impression to make the denture. It was not that simple. First of all, no dentist would take me unless I was sent by another dentist. Secondly, the person doing the extractions had to be assured that I was sent by “Dr. So and So.” And thirdly, the person making the denture could only be engaged for the job by a dentist. I don’t want to go into all the technicalities involved, but I assure you everybody had to have a piece of the action.

I have gone through the torture of the dental work. I have gone through the torture of trying to get used to the denture. And, needless to say, I have gone through many thousands of dollars. I do hope before too long I am able to enjoy the new teeth. It is a crime that this racket is allowed to exist. But, maybe someday we can end it. In the meantime, when you read about James Whitey Bulger, ask him when was the last time he had to see a dentist.

Bob Grant

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