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Obama’s Wanton Ways

August 22, 2011

No one has ever cast a vote for the person who is the head of the environmental administration. No one has ever cast a vote for members of the Environmental Protection Agency board. And yet these people who have never been elected by any citizen have incredible power over our lives. They can and will cause your energy costs to spiral beyond belief. These people are enviro-fascists who will destroy the coal industry in America and force hundreds of thousands of miners and other people connected with the coal mining industry out of work. Forty-six percent of all our energy currently comes from coal. But the wackos who control the EPA don’t like coal and they don’t really like America.

So, how did they get all this awesome, destructive power! You gave them this power! Yes, you did! You gave them this power in November of 2008 when you voted for Barack Obama. He is the one who has appointed the morons to the post of EPA chief and all the other crazies who assist this administrator. There is only one thing I can say that may sound complimentary about these people. They are honest. They make no bones about their obsession to do away with the coal industry and shut down every plant connected with the deriving of energy from coal.

Beginning this week, the EPA will start closing down every plant and every coal mine in America that is at present supplying us with 46 percent of our energy. Therefore, you don’t need me to tell you the obvious. If we don’t get that energy from coal, where will we get it? How about millions of windmills dotting the landscape of every part of America? How about solar panels lining the land? How about hot air from the mouth of Barack the Boastful? He is the insouciant incumbent who currently is taking another vacation. He is enjoying himself with the wife and kids. By the way, the children did not fly to Martha’s Vineyard with their father.They all came in separate planes so that the cost of this vacation to the American taxpayer will be even greater.

But, Obama does not worry one wit about public opinion.That is the mystery. It is a compound mystery. On the one hand we ask, “Why don’t the American people manifest their anger with this despot who does not feel it necessary to do the right thing?” The other mystery is why is he so sure of his re-election in the first place? I answer the question with this thought. He knows the American voter is gullible and will digest all the lies he and his stooges spew. And, he also knows that whoever his opponent will be that opponent will be so worried he might be looked upon as a racist or at best an extreme right-winger, he will pull his punches during the campaign and debates. Obama is not so stupid he doesn’t think: “They were stupid enough to vote for me once before. I have a billion dollars in my campaign war chest to make sure they do it again.” And folks this is only the beginning. God save us!

Bob Grant

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