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July 23, 2011

The Moral Decay of Television

I believe most things wrong about our once great Republic may be caused by television. I don’t mean the producers of the various television shows, whether they be news broadcasts or any of the various types of entertainment productions purposely set out to further the destruction of our fundamental assets. However, I believe what all of us see on television has a most profound effect on us, the values that we associate ourselves with are predicated on what we see on the tube. First of all, most of the people purporting to be news analysts are not qualified to speak for we the people. Secondly, our purpose in being on any of the channels, whether it is one of those left-wing propaganda outlets or even Fox News Channel, in solely doing what they do and how they do it, is to attract and hold viewers. Nothing else, in the final scheme of things matters. It’s ratings, stupid. Who knows better than me? I know that sounds egotistical. Nevertheless, I say that because of the experience I have had in my own career.

Although I was always interested in history and politics as a very young child, I had no idea I would be hired by a broadcasting company to give my opinions. When I began doing the telephone talk format out in Los Angeles I was perhaps too didactic and even pompous. No one said that about my style, but when I heard myself on recorded shows, that is the way I thought I sounded. I was and still am my severest critic. When a caller would ask a question or make a statement about any issue or any country or any historical fact, I would spend much too much time showing off all I knew. I thought in order to justify my position I had to demonstrate my wares all the time. One day a very far sighted general manager called me into his office and told me how much he admired my work. But, believe it or not, he said my program needed more controversy. He reminded me that controversy would get the people talking and attract more listeners. The more the controversy, the more the listeners; and the more the listeners the more the money the show brought in.

It didn’t take long for me to establish myself as a controversial, conservative talk show host. Outside of demonstrating what a self serving writer I can be, there is a purpose to the trip down memory lane. That secondary purpose is to illustrate my point that our electronic media is only interested in attracting listeners or viewers, and not on teaching or informing as a goal. That is perfectly understandable because it is a commercial enterprise and we forget that at our own peril. Just before I commenced this piece, I was asked to participate in a salute to one of the biggest talk show performers in the country. He is big, in part, thanks to me. Outside of recommending him — what else did I do for him? I damaged my own credentials in the business to such an extent that I created a huge perch for him to sit upon.

It hurts to this day. It will probably always hurt, but when you have only yourself to blame, what else can you expect? So, let us get back to what we were supposed to be doing and that is to point the finger at the reason for our moral and social decay . . . television and its older brother radio. If you would like to comment, please write to We have a website, but you know that. How else would you be reading this otherwise? Straight Ahead!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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