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Trump May Be the One!

April 8, 2011

The government shutdown is at hand. Whose fault is it? Is it possible to look at this impasse from a totally objective point of view? Why must all issues before the American people have to deteriorate into a partisan feud? ’Twas ever thus in this once great Republic. It seems to me that bill is long overdue — the bill we owe for the deficit, profligate spending that has been going on since Obama took office. It was even deficit spending when George W. Bush was president, but not nearly as bad as Obama has made it. With economies collapsing all over the world and even nature conspiring against this once great Republic, is it any wonder that Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has had to come up with a budget that will stanch the hemorrhaging of the economy?

There may be certain aspects which need fine tuning, but the Democrats don’t even want to give it a serious and thorough examination. And the budget Ryan has proposed is not to take effect until 2012. So, here we are at this juncture where we have to cut the deficit and Barack Obama and his chief stooge, Harry Reid, will not even consider it. Are the politicians really concerned about this government shutdown? No, the Democrats are gloating because they know that thanks to the mainstream media, the majority of the public will blame the Republicans as they did in 1995.

That means Obama can probably lollygag his way to a second term. But wait! Obama as a potential candidate was different from the average politician and had charisma. In 2008 he gave the bored voter something to get excited about — hope and change. Voters really didn’t look at Obama’s voting record in the Illinois and U.S. Senate where he voted in the various pieces of legislation before him . . . PRESENT. Yes, rather than vote yes or no, up or down, he voted present so wouldn’t be held accountable.

Obama was a stealth candidate who had his college records sealed. This is the surreptitious, cunning opportunist who will not even produce his birth certificate. Therefore, there are those who say we don’t even know if he passes constitutional muster by proving he is a native-born American citizen. But, most Republicans are loathe to bring this question up. They are timorous to begin with and then their yellow streak becomes broader when they contemplate being called racist, which to most white Americans is the kiss of death.

It is not racist to insist a person running for the highest office in the land prove he is eligible. There is only one potential candidate who has demonstrated he is not afraid. And if you people are looking for someone different; if you are looking for the right man at the right time, then you don’t have to look any further than the man who stands beside me in a photo on the wall at the Reo Diner Restaurant . . . Donald Trump!

Bob Grant

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