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I Hope There Is a Tomorrow

February 25, 2011

I am writing this on Friday morning. The reason I mention this insignificant fact is, with the weekend ahead, I don’t really feel sure there will be any of us left come Monday.

Yes, I know that sounds melodramatic and even unnecessarily alarming. To be perfectly candid, I, too, would have thought that not too long ago. But, call it the ghost of Nostradamus, but I do despair for my country, and for that matter, the world.

I cannot believe the Democrats in Wisconsin are so selfish and feckless that they escaped from their state and hid in Illinois because they don’t believe in the Constitution of the United States. If they did believe in that sacred document, they would have debated their point of view in the state Senate and voted.

That is what they were elected to do. In representing their constituents, no matter how they voted, they would have fulfilled their obligation to the voter. Instead, like the cowards they are, they ran away to another state.

How childish can you get? I ask this question only rhetorically because I know the answer. These sleazy politicians do not care about the common welfare. They do not care about the future of their state. They only care about their masters in the labor union that elected them and is their master.

Even Franklin D. Roosevelt, who is a patron saint to the Democrats and liberals, said back in the 1930s that collective bargaining with government employees had no place in America. Even George Meany, a past president of the AFL-CIO, said it was not the intent of the labor movement to unionize government workers.

But, things have changed as the pensions grew more lavish and various perks were added to the list of goodies handed to a growing list of spoiled, demanding thugs. Speaking of thugs, have you ever wondered what a genuine thug looks like? If so, take a look at a picture of Richard Trumka! There is a thug if there ever was one, and he has been to the White House many times meeting with his stooge, Barack Obama.

And we must never forget that Obama could not even pretend to be a statesman and try to rise above the battle and at least offer some suggestion as to how the Wisconsin impasse could be amicably resolved. No, the same guy who campaigned, telling the voters he would not be meeting with lobbyists, has been meeting with them virtually daily.

This is the same Obama who said he would have the most transparent administration in history. He has violated all his promises, except one. And that promise was that America would never be the same if he were elected. And tragically that is the only promise that mattered.

Obama wants to rebuild America in the socialist image. He and Saul Alinsky and those other communists and socialists have the same goal in mind . . . to make America the leading socialist nation of the world. But, they know you cannot build a new structure until you have destroyed the old one. And, after you have destroyed the old one, you remove the pile of junk you have created. And then you can build the edifice your father told you about in Kenya, and the anarchists of Chicago told you about.

All those enemies of America would be proud of you. The only obstacle in your way is the real American, who still believes our Founding Fathers gave us a Republic that must be preserved. And that is the Republic we pledge allegiance to each day. Do you know how it goes, Mr. President? I doubt it. After all, the word God is in it. Maybe someday it will be changed to Allah!

Bob Grant

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