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10-Year Anniversary of 9/11

September 12, 2012

People keep asking me if I remember what I was doing when the American Airline plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade center. Of course, I remember it. Anyone who doesn’t remember was probably out of the country on September 11, 2001. Or, maybe they were too hung over. How could anyone possibly forget that horrific, tragic day? Without giving a speech on why this didn’t have to happen if the Janet Reno Justice Department hadn’t ordered the CIA and the FBI not to share information, there are very compelling reasons why this tragedy could have been prevented.

But, getting back to what I was doing on that date and that precise moment: I was sitting in my automobile with my lovely wife, Josephine. We were parked in front of the Front Page Diner in Staten Island. I was waiting for my dear friend, Fred Panteleone, to pick us up in his car to drive to a hearing aid specialist who was going to give me a hearing test and discuss a new hearing aid that had just come on the market. Josephine was sitting quietly enjoying the beautiful, bright morning. It was exactly 8:46 a.m. Of course, I had the car radio on and was listening to a news broadcast. Within minutes the serenity of the morning was to be shattered forever. What we thought was a news bulletin telling us a Piper Cub airplane had crashed into the North Tower, was, of course, a giant airliner, a Boeing 767 from Boston, on its way to California. The airplane had been hijacked, the pilots brutally slain, and flown into the tower to mortally wound that once proud member of the New York skyline. Before we could catch our breath, the radio told us another airliner was crashing into the South Tower. And before we knew it, sitting there in a state of shock, both giant structures fell to the ground, taking almost 3,000 unsuspecting victims to a death, which to this day is almost impossible to comprehend.

Ten years later, I find it difficult to write this account. By the time we could think about anything other than the savage attack which had been so mercilessly and brutally visited upon us, Freddie, who was the best driver I have ever ridden with, had arrived at the Verrazano Bridge. We were trying to leave Staten Island to get into Brooklyn where the ear doctor was located. However, the police captain that was in charge of traffic into and out of the borough, who was a fan of mine, apologized and said he had no choice but to turn us back. Without going into all the details, let me tell you that I was not supposed to work that day. I was on vacation. But, there was no way I was not going on the air. Fortunately, I have a studio set up in the house. No one was allowed into Manhattan, and if I had to go to the studio, I never would have made it. So I called the station and told them I was ready to go on the air. And for the rest of the day and into the night I talked to shaken citizens, one of whom told me how she walked down 52 flights of stairs to safety just before the structure collapsed. I must confess there are many other things I could share with you today, but I find that 10 years after the attack it still is hard to write about it.

Let us face the facts . . . fanatic Islam declared war on us. Do not be deceived. They want to kill every American and have dedicated their meaningless lives to that purpose. Either we will prevail or they will. They do not want to share this planet with any people who do not believe as they do. It is either us or them!

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