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Super Bowl Star Power

February 7, 2011

First of all, let me thank all of you who have e-mailed me to tell me how much you have been enjoying my columns and how much you enjoy the two-hour Bob Grant radio show every Sunday at twelve noon, EST.

And to those of you who claim you made money betting on the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl because of what I said on the February 6 program, where is my commission? It is incredible how this event was at one time just a football game to determine who were the professional football champions. Now, it has become an event that is far reaching in its venues.

It has become a test for advertisers to determine who has produced the most imaginative, effective television commercial and it is also a test to determine who can produce the most memorable, exciting half time show, which sometimes is more enthralling than the actual game. And, now, of course, the Super Bowl has become an event that celebrities attend, not because they are true football fans, but because they want the camera to focus on them, even if only for a few seconds.

It is their narcissistic ego that brings them to the 50-yard line no matter what the cost, no matter what the locale, no matter what the time, no matter what the weather. The important thing is they can pick up any newspaper and see a photo of themselves, and read about whom they were holding hands with.

I must tell you this all has become part of the landscape of the United States. We are a nation of over 300 million people, some of whom may be illegal citizens. We are part of the great unwashed, and the celebrities are the royalty. The royalty in modern day America is not designated as such by virtue of bloodlines or by royal proclamation. Rather our royalty is chosen by virtue of how much money the star has and how many movies he or she has been in, and mostly how many times they are seen on television and how many times their name is in the newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

When the great George Washington and his inspired brethren chose to create a Constitution that heralded the common man and inspired the average citizen to become the best he could be, none of them ever dreamed that the royalty of the British throne of King George III would be replaced by the royalty of Hollywood, television, Las Vegas, and, yes, even the royalty of sports celebrities.

All of the groups mentioned had two things in common. They are all filthy rich and overpaid. And, they are all in love with themselves and detest the great unwashed. Yes, this may be a Republic, and, yes, we may all cherish the memory of the greatest president of our time, Ronald Reagan, who did not believe in royalty of any type. However, we are not only slip-sliding into socialism, but also a monarchy of the wealthy who have nothing but contempt for the rest.

I am guilty of only one sin in what I am writing: I am a little ahead of the rest of my contemporaries. Sad to say, soon they, too, will have to acknowledge what I am saying and they, too, will seek to overthrow this new monarchy


If and when that happens, blood may flow in the streets.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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