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State of the Union Anticipation

January 26, 2011

Along with most other Americans, I am anticipating the president’s state of the union address at 9 p.m. EST. But, unlike most other Americans, I do not intend to watch the state of the union address because I cannot stand to look at this charlatan who is posing as my president.

Lest you think race has anything to do with my revulsion, think again. If it were Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell or many other black Americans making the speech, I would watch with pride and anticipation.

But, I really don’t think I have to explain much further except to remind you that we had hoped against hope that the 44th president would be a pleasant surprise. Instead, we have gotten the man we were warned about — a man who is devious, who has the ability to lie as well, if not better than any other politician, and worst of all, a man who is a committed left-winger to the point he is truly a socialist.

His ideology was apparent long before he became a state representative in Illinois. But, he was so cagey and so ambitious he voted “present” over 200 times rather than open himself up to negative reaction to his votes. He kept saying, during his campaign, and the sign was always in evidence wherever he went, “Change we can believe in!”

And yet today all we hear is the Bush policies are going to be continued in a variety of ways. Even the folly of continuing to spend American lives and treasure in Afghanistan has been painfully in evidence. This a fake, phony, fraud you will be listening to. Everything he says, he says only for effect.

How will it play in Peoria? That was the hypothetical question candidates would ask their handlers in past decades. That is what Obama is all about — not what is the right policy to pursue to better conditions for America, but how will it affect my standing with the voter. He will even pay tribute to Ronald Reagan even though he stands for everything the great Gipper was against.

If we can make this pretender a one-term president we may yet save ourselves. But I confess, I don’t think the American people are smart enough to see through the great deceiver.

Please, Lord, make me wrong in this. Not for my sake, but for America’s sake.

If you disagree or even if you agree with what I have said, please write to this web address: Flood me with e-mails!

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