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So Long USA!

September 15, 2011

As much as I would like to, I don’t think I could really enumerate all the mistakes and duplicitous actions the Obama White House has perpetrated. If it were not for the amoral mainstream media, Obama might be facing impeachment right now. I have discussed this possibility with a prominent New York politician. He said, “Bob, like you I don’t like to think of impeachment no matter who is president. In spite of the guidelines established by the Founding Fathers, removing a president is still messy and divisive. The scars are felt by the nation years after the procedure has been effectuated. It would be divisive enough, but since this is our first black president it would be impossible to go through with the endless debates and the acrimony would escalate until the Republic could no longer stand it.”

I said to this great sage of an American, “But is not the Constitution strong enough to weather the storm?” He said, “Maybe the Constitution is strong enough, but the black population would not accept the procedure let alone the outcome. We could be sowing the seeds of insurrection and even civil war.” After that statement, I thought it best to forget the subject of impeachment and talk instead about what remedies would be less fracturing to the nation. He told me the only answer was to try to prevail upon Democrat members of Congress to join the Republican majority in the house and the Republican members of the senate to hold investigations into the many pieces of evidence which strongly suggest that the administration and, yes, even President Obama himself are guilty of corruption in the case of the company that was given a half a billion dollars of taxpayer money to create a solar panel manufacturing plant. The company has gone bankrupt and we the taxpayers are stuck with an enormous tab.

Will we ever get to the bottom of this exercise in corruption gone wild? How about the president doing what he loves to do most and that is campaign? He was campaigning in North Carolina, talking about creating jobs, but the plant he was speaking at is shipping work to Costa Rica. How does that grab you? Did you notice that the president is only concerned with the big labor unions? Being at heart a socialist, he cares nothing about the individual entrepreneur, or the individual working man. Capitalism is not to Obama’s liking. He is what he is, and were it not for the mainstream media being in bed with him, he would be held in lower esteem than he is in now. It is up to us in the media to keep the message constant, true and strong. Obama must not get a second term. I really believe with all my heart that if he does, we can say goodbye. So long, United States of America — it was nice knowing you!

Bob Grant

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