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Another Army Scandal

March 21, 2011

I have been reading a great deal of late about American Army atrocities being committed in Afghanistan. It seems the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, has 4,000 photos of American Army personnel posing with the corpses of dead Afghans, who are alleged to be civilians. The German paper is a leftist scandalmonger which has never sounded pro-American, and at times has relished printing stories and photos which put the U.S. military in a bad light.

Right now in Seattle, Washington, 12 American soldiers are going on trial in an Army court-martial. Enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, are salivating at the prospect of a second Abu Ghraib. When the exposß of American tawdry conduct was published far and wide, the left-wing media in this country and elsewhere made sure to say, “This shameful behavior by the American Army in Iraq goes all the way up to the president of the United States. George W. Bush must share the ultimate blame.”

Notice that these same media, George Soros left-wingers, do not even mention Barack Hussein Obama. The double standard goes on and on. If your name is George Bush, you get blamed for everything. However, if your name is Barack Obama, you get blamed for nothing!

But, getting back to the court-martial getting underway in Seattle, let us not rush to judgment. Let us not be swayed by the left-wingers both foreign and domestic. When the German newspaper says it has 4,000 photos, does that mean that their reporter and photographer did nothing but follow American soldiers to photograph atrocities?

Who are these 12 young Americans? Why were they sent to that poor nation? How many tours of duty have they done? How many times have they been fired upon? It seems that these boys may have done nothing worse than show bad judgment by posing with dead Afghans.

If they did that, then surely there should be some remonstrance. But to suggest they are guilty of war crimes is a canard that will not stand. And, now that the Obama administration, or should I say the Hillary administration, has unleashed the American Navy, Air Force and may yet send in the “boots on the ground,” what lies ahead?

While the spectator in chief enjoys showing his family the sights in Rio and Chile, and elsewhere in South America and Central America, maybe someone should ask him why he seems so determined to prove that Bob Grant was so right when I said back in early November of 2008 that America had made a colossal mistake at the polls. This president is not fit to fill the office of president of the United States of America. And already he is gearing up for what he truly is suited for . . . campaigning!

We cannot take another term of Barack Obama. Let us not make the same mistake in 2012 that we made in 2008!

Bob Grant

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