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Smearing Rick Perry

June 22, 2011

It is tragic and damaging for whatever future this once great Republic has, but anytime a political figure who is on the right sounds like he might be running for president, some scurrilous information is leaked to the press. Take the most recent case of this type of “gotcha” skullduggery. I refer to the dredged up allegation that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is a closet homosexual. This man married his college sweetheart and they raised two sons. There seems to be no flesh and blood person who will come out of the shadows to say he or she can offer incontrovertible evidence that Governor Perry is indeed gay.

Why is this pernicious rumor resurfacing now? It should be painfully obvious. It is all because the Texas chief executive made a rousing speech over the weekend which would seem to put Perry in a favorable position to compete for his party’s nomination. Of course, the Democrats would not like that because they fear he would beat Barack the boastful and keep Obama from further damaging this once great Republic. This ugly rumor about Rick Perry must be smothered quickly. It must be extinguished at once, not just for the benefit of the Texas governor, but for the benefit of any other American who seeks political office.

If this story were true about Perry, don’t you think it would have been proven long ago? In the past, every time he looked to be running the ugly rumors would surface. I am going to say something which will anger and shock my fans and supporters. I ask this question. If Rick Perry has been a good governor and if Texas has profited from his leadership, and if he has not been involved in any corruption and if his public conduct has been exemplary, should we hold his sexual orientation against him and deprive us of his needed leadership? There, I asked the question. Someone had to ask this question and it had to be me.

And, until we mature to that point where it does not matter if the guy is gay or not, we will never defeat the character assassins who lie in wait, and destroy otherwise good public servants. Please write to and let me know what you think about my bold question. And, listen to my Sunday broadcast on WABC (New York) radio at 12 noon.

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