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Osama’s Death Will Clinch a Victory for Obama

May 2, 2011

It was bound to happen someday. Sunday that day came. Thanks to the steadfast, indefatigable work of the intelligence communities and the bravery of a small, but elite group of Navy Seals, we were able to end the all too long freedom of Osama bin Laden. The price to get him and kill him was staggering. I am not talking about the amount of money that has been spent since bin Laden declared war on America. I am talking about the fact that Obama may not be the leader we need or want. He may not be the patriot every American and especially every American president should be. He is cunning. He is an opportunist and, above all, he loves power as does every narcissist. So, maybe we had better accept the fact that Barack the boastful will have another term to continue his dismantling of the United States of America as we have known it.

The capture of bin Laden was the greatest gift Barack the boastful could have possibly received to clinch his re-election in 2012. And when I saw Dick Cheney praise the Muslim in the White House, I knew my worst fear had come to pass. What can we do? People have been asking me, “Bob, what can we do about this?” The answer I have is for myself only. I do not have the right or the inclination to tell you what to do. However, just for the record, here is my response.

First of all, as a student of history I have long ago learned that truth is stranger than fiction. I have learned that many times an unforeseen event shapes events and turns the course of history into an unexpected, strange direction. Obama never should have been our 44th president to begin with. It just seemed that one event after another fell in line to his benefit. So, the damage was done before his first term even began. Nevertheless, we have been encouraged after the last congressional election to believe the American people had enough of the America-hating socialist and Chicago community organizer. He has done a great deal of damage in such a short time, can you imagine how much more damage he can do until 2017? That will be the date his second term, if elected again, would end.

Can you imagine what he will do to our medical programs, to our financial programs, to every conceivable vestige of American life? Here is a man who claims the Muslims were at the founding of America. Was there a Muslim who signed the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? Was there even a Muslim on the North American continent when the nation was born? The answer to all the questions is a resounding NO! But, Barack the boastful, being a Muslim himself, wants to have people believe the fiction that Muslims were participants in creating the fabric of America. You know that is a fabrication as is virtually everything else Barack Hussein Obama spews out.

And so, since I can’t stand this great irony that has made me at best ambivalent about the killing of bin Laden, I shall write no more on this today. I will leave you with this sad prediction. Overnight Obama’s approval rating will go through the roof. He will take the oath of office for his second term on January 20, 2013, and, before the year 2020, America will be declared a socialist state and will never be the great hope of mankind again. Please forgive me for saying this. I only hope I am wrong.

Bob Grant

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