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Candidates Claim They Are Reaganesque

April 11, 2011

I have been reading many blogs, columns, reports and other missiles of joy that the GOP, which as you probably know stands for the Grand Old Party — the name the media, pundits, and Lord knows who else, has chosen as the title for the Republican Party. As a lifelong member of that party, I don’t mind being a member of the Grand Old Party. What I do mind are all the Johnnie-come-latelies who claim they know what’s best for my party. So, let me weigh in . . . please.

First of all, it seems that no one is thrilled with the potential candidates. Some of the putative contestants have been paraded before the rank and file kingmakers before. I am talking mainly about 2008. That was when the Republicans were so spooked by the verbal, massive media onslaught against George W. Bush. It must be pointed out that, due to a constitutional amendment, Bush could not even run for a third term if he had wanted to.

So, all the Republicans were afraid to even mention his name. You never would have known that George W. was elected to two terms in the White House. The Republicans of 2008, who were running for the nomination, talked as though the last Republican president was Ronald Reagan. Everybody during those insipid intra party debates claimed he was THE REAGAN CANDIDATE.

Even almost liberal candidates like Rudy Giuliani made noises like he was the Reagan candidate. The former senator from Tennessee, who became a pretty good actor, Fred Thompson on “Law and Order,” the successful television series, was dragged out of bed, given lots of energy pills so he wouldn’t fall asleep on the stage, and claimed he was the Reagan candidate. Mike Huckabee did the same thing.

They were all shameless, and not a one of them said, “With all due respect to the greatest president of my lifetime, I would like to tell you I am not him, and I will not try to be him. Rather, I will strive to remain steadfast to the principles by which he lived and by which he governed.”

Not a one of them ever thought of saying that. And John McCain, trying to make the best out of a bad hand dealt to him, at least had the ingenuity and guts to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate. It was after that selection that the McCain-Palin ticket actually took the lead in the up-to-the-minute polls. But because the vicious attack dogs in the corrupt mainstream media eviscerated her so callously, even her being on the ticket couldn’t help.

What has all this got to do with 2012 and the coming election? Simply this. If the Republicans, who are complaining there is no one on the scene who excites them, then how about being excited by the IDEALS the Republican Party stands for? How about talking about what they stand for instead of who is the most exciting, glamorous and charismatic candidate?

Who knows? Maybe a guy like Jon Huntsman may be coming along at just the right moment. Who doesn’t know anything about our soon-to-be ex ambassador to China? You don’t know anything about one of the best governors the state of Utah ever had? Stick around, pay attention, and listen to what he says. I can tell you he is supposed to be throwing his hat in the ring very soon. Maybe he will satisfy your longing for a riveting standard-bearer. And if you are not thrilled by Governor-Ambassador Huntsman, how about Donald Trump?

Did I give you enough to think about?

Bob Grant

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