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Old Problems Plague New Year

January 4, 2011

Where to begin? As a professor of mine used to say, why is begging so difficult?

You just begin by writing or saying what is on your mind for that moment! Professor Von Kroytch was right. So, I shall begin this first official BobGrantOnline commentary by writing what is on my mind.

What is on my mind is that all the savants, pundits and experts I have interviewed over the years were either showman who didn’t mind fabricating a little, or they were truly clairvoyants.

No one can say with any certainty what will happen in the year 2011. However, the signs do point to some obvious events unfolding before the next 12 months expire.

First of all, I must caution my good Republican friends that Obama is not where he is today solely because of his fortuitous complexion.

He is shrewd and cagey. Also, he has no inhibitions about exploiting what he may consider the right political ploy or pretense.

Barack Obama is comfortable playing the victim who can turn the tables on the bullies and at the proper moment punch them all in the nose! He is signaling this when he says, while flying from Hawaii, I ask the Republicans to wait until 2012 to campaign.

What he regards as campaigning by the Republicans is anything they attempt to do in order to correct the mistakes of the last two years of the Obama administration.

Has anybody ever heard of any politician saying what Obama stooge, Nancy Pelosi, said when she told fellow Democrats to vote for the monster healthcare reform first, and then find out what is in it?

According to most observers, the healthcare bill the Republicans are trying to save us from contains well over 2,000 pages!

Every GOP candidate running for Congress said one of the first orders of business would be to repeal the healthcare monstrosity. As a matter of fact, they said it would be the first order of business!

So, why is that playing politics? This is what makes Barack Obama so dangerous. He actually thinks the American people are going to believe if he does anything or the Democrats do anything, it is for the good of the country.

However, he wants everyone to believe if the Republicans do anything, it is pure, cynical politics.

What troubles me is the American voter. He can be very naive and has shown to be cursed with a short memory.

Let us try to hold Obama’s feet to the fire and see what happens. So, I predict there will be a bruising year ahead of us and it is already underway.

On another matter, I can think of only one political hero who never let me down. That hero is in a class by himself. He was our 40th president.

If he were alive come this February 6, he would be 100 years old. There will be many celebrations in honor of this great and decent man — Ronald Reagan.

Newsmax magazine is planning a special commemorative issue in the month of February. Knowing Chris Ruddy as well as I do, it will be an issue well worth saving.

But getting back to the question of a political hero letting me down, I must confess I am disappointed in Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey.

His slandering Bret Schundler and his pugnacious attitude concerning his dereliction of duty as the winter storm descended on the Garden State, is inexcusable.

And, I am afraid the governor is squandering the goodwill he had during his first few months in office. I was a stalwart supporter, and given the choice between Christie and former Gov. Jon Corzine, I still would have voted for the governor.

However, Bret Schundler would have been a governor who would not have embarrassed his supporters.

Ah well, maybe we will see another Reagan someday, but not in our lifetime!

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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