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Presidential Proclamation

January 11, 2011

Since there can be no doubt that the shootings in Tucson were a direct result of the shooter listening to conservative talk radio, I propose the following: All talk radio programs will be rated. The ratings shall be C-0 (no conservative content) to C-5 (mostly conservative content).

Anyone wishing to listen to a show rated C-1 or above shall be required to obtain a federal listening license. Licensees must pass a mental competency test.

I will nominate John Edwards as the nation’s first Truth Czar with full power to establish a Ministry of Truth. Day-to-day management of said agency will be under the direction of Charles Rangel.

It is a national disgrace that George W. Bush did not establish such an agency. Had such an agency been in place two years ago, the Tucson shooting would not have occurred. It’s even possible the results of the 2010 mid-term election might have been different.

It is imperative that this agency be in place and funded well before the 2012 presidential election.

President Barack Obama

The preceding Presidential Proclamation was, of course, not the real thing. But, if you examine the verbiage closely, you are forced to admit it sounds like vintage Obama.

It reeks of a supercilious air that says, “I know best in all things.”

I must tell you that after I got over the initial shock of the savage shooting in Tucson, I immediately realized that Barack Hussein Obama is going to use the tragedy to benefit himself in the eyes of the great unwashed, who will see him as a good and decent man who is truly heartbroken by this horrific incident.

And, his wife, Michelle, will do her part in feigning sorrow and compassion. Don’t believe it for one minute.

Let us pray that this tragedy doesn’t do the same thing for Barack Hussein Obama as the Oklahoma City bombing did for Bill Clinton in l995. At the time of the bombing of the building in Oklahoma City, Bill Clinton was in such disrepute that he was not given much of a chance for a second term. He used the bombing so skillfully, and being a Democrat, he blamed talk radio.

How well I remember because back then I was in the game. It was a year before the ultra left destroyed what was then a great career, however, I still write these blogs and do my Sunday radio show.

And, of course, you are there. God bless each and every one of you for being so faithful and loyal.

I do hope our Presidential Proclamation brought a smile to your face!

Bob Grant

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