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Maybe a Parliamentary System Would Be Better

April 25, 2011

“What, ME worry?” Does anybody remember the goofy looking guy on the cover of Mad Magazine, who asked that question? It surprised me that Barack Obama not only resembles the guy from Mad Magazine regarding his dumbo-like ears, but he resembles the guy because he says he is not really worried as long as he is in charge. But what is Barack Obama really in charge of except his travel plans and appointing more Czars to more newly created departments which in turn cost us more taxpayer dollars?

There are times when I wish the founders of this once great Republic had created a parliamentary system instead of a constitutional system. I feel that way right now. If we did have a parliamentary system, Obama and his anti common sense Democrats would be out and Paul Ryan and his sensible bold party would be in. But our Constitution says we will have to wait until January 20, 2013 for the rescue of this once great Republic.

Let us just hope and pray that the inevitable collapse doesn’t happen before then. It is truly tragic that many Americans view politics the same way they view sports. All they know if they are Yankee fans is the guys wearing the Yankee uniforms can do no wrong. And the guys wearing the uniforms of any other team can do no right. In sports that is alright. It is a diversion from the really important things in life. But, when I hear people defending this misbegotten president because he wears the Democrat uniform, and overlook or excuse every wrong thing he has done or said, then I cannot believe we are truly a mature nation worthy of the gift our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.

I cannot believe I live in a country that has elected as its leader a man whose background is shrouded in so much mystery. I am not even referring to his birth certificate. What about his grades and papers he wrote in college or in law school? What about his 20-year relationship with an avowed America-hating, white-hating pastor of the so-called church he attended for 20 years? What about the denunciations that Pastor Jeremiah Wright repeated many times from the pulpit and yet Obama claims he does not recall the vicious hate-filled screed delivered from that place?

No, we have chosen this person to lead us and where has he led us? Economic Armageddon is coming and is at hand. The respect the rest of the world had for us has all but disappeared, and just like dictators in every country in every period of history, he seduces the young. The impressionable young and the Hollywood morons think Barack Obama is just peachy. How can anyone who has any respect for what this once great Republic stood for have any pride in what this misfit has made of the presidency?

I am not happy to tell you Barack Obama may very well be the cause of the collapse of this once great nation. I hope I am wrong about the collapse, but I have never been wrong about the 44th “president” of the once great Republic — the United States of America!

Bob Grant

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