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An Outrageous Verdict

July 14, 2011

I have been going through my pile of emails. I have not had the ambition to wade through them, therefore, they gathered dust. So many of you are encouraging me to do more. Am I being encouraged to do more? First of all, even though many of you do remember those great days of old when I was, as the New York Times wrote, "undisputedly the king of New York talk radio" — that was then and this is now.

Time does not stand still and most of all it does not dally when we are talking about show business. Nevertheless, I am grateful for your loyalty and your support. But, do not forget that I no longer believe in this once great Republic. I know there are many epigones that either believe or pretend to believe that we are a great nation because we are great people. We are not great people. Great people do not let a person get away with murder because he or she is a celebrity. Great people do not let a slut get away with torturing and murdering her two year old child. Great people do not permit unqualified people sit on the bench and allow a judge to preside in a murder trial because he is the right color or right gender or makes for a nice mix of ethnicity. Searching for a nice mosaic is laudable in art or decorations. It is not conducive to the correct outcome in a murder trial.

As I write this I know you must be tired of hearing my frustration at the miscarriage of justice in the Casey Anthony trial. I will never forget this outrage and I will pray for the day when someone comes forth and corrects that mistake. Are you aware that the judge has been exposed by a former mistress? His character is indeed in question. I will turn to the liar in chief, the one and only Barack the boastful. He is a clever actor, and according to recent polls, Barack is winning the propaganda battle with the Republicans who are no match for Obama the boastful. I have repeatedly written now for many months that much to our detriment he will be elected to a second term. That assures our demise as a great nation. By the time his second term comes to an end on January 20, 2017, as much as we have already disintegrated, we will continue the plunge and it will be over.

Do you hate me for saying that? You know, of course, I wish I didn’t have to say that. Surely, you must know I want to be wrong. As a matter of fact by the time January 2017 arrives, I won’t be writing things like that because Barack the boastful will have such dictatorial powers that ability will be taken away from people like me. So, let us make the most of the exercise of the First Amendment while we can. The day will come when that right will be gone. Straight ahead!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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