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My Observations of Occupy Wall Street

October 18, 2011

After I signed off the program on Sunday, I decided to go incognito to Wall Street and to that park, that until a month ago, no one ever heard of. I flatter myself when I say I went “incognito.” At this stage of my life, who is going to recognize me? And, in this mob of bilge there wasn’t an alleged human being who had any idea who I was. These bits of vermin — crawling and slithering the streets of lower Manhattan, never listened to talk radio and certainly don’t know anything about what has transpired on New York radio. There has been no attempt to give any of them an education for the explicit goal of learning the true history of mankind’s exegesis on this planet.

You see, learning for the pure sake of replacing ignorance with knowledge, has disappeared in America. Ever since the left took over the colleges and secondary schools of the United States, it is a function of these institutions to inculcate our young people with atheism, communism, and above all, hedonism. When I went to school there were classes available for me to study most of my favorite subjects and even some subjects I wasn’t especially interested in. But, the concept was then to give the student a well-rounded education. I loved history. I loved any kind of history, whether it was ancient or medieval, English, U.S. history . . . the subject did not make any difference. If it was history and told the story of what society and all its attributes were, that was enough to get my juices flowing.

When it came to philosophy, I was given the opportunity to pick the philosopher and the discipline he taught. Today, that choice doesn’t exist. So, we have an entire generation which is not even made aware of the possibility that there may be various philosophical differences and instead it is a generation who values only two basic elements. Number one is the element of celebrity. If someone is a celebrity, that is all that counts. For example, the three sisters who are the daughters of a deceased lawyer who was a member of the O.J. Simpson defense team: a gentleman with the last name of Kardashian. He is gone but his legacy is leaving a stench. The celebs are the Kardashian sisters and they have a reality show. They do not, to my knowledge, sing or dance or emote or do anything that is in the realm of entertainment. What they do is breathe and enjoy their narcissism before the television camera. They contribute nothing to society. But, in all fairness, no one expects them to. As for that other element so associated with this generation maturing today, the attribute most necessary to being a celebrity is to be sexy. That is to say a female must have a voluptuous body and expose as much pulchritude as possible. A male must be anything that presents itself as animalistic. He needs not shave, bathe, speak well or in any way suggest that there in anything about him that even hints at any refinement. And, of course, he must have his share of gross tattoos.

The day will come when this generation of Americans will bow down to their Chinese counterparts. When that day comes, I will not be here to see it. But, for those of you who will be here . . . think of me and I will know you remembered.

Bob Grant

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