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Occupy Atlanta’s History Lesson

October 11, 2011

I am watching, I am reading, I am hearing the anti-American bilge out there in the streets of Manhattan and other targeted cities in America. In particular I would like to call your attention to the Occupy Atlanta demonstrations going on in that great city that General William T. Sherman burned to the ground on his march to the sea in the closing stages of the Civil War. The more I read about that awful tragedy in the battle to preserve the Union, the more I realize how foolish and tragic mankind is now, always was, and always will be until that final conflagration which will end war forever because it will end the reign of homo sapiens on planet earth.

I share this with you, my friends, on the radio and on my Internet column. I have come to believe that it will not be the savage wrath of mother nature with earthquakes and tornados that will end our time on this beautiful sphere as it continues its orbit around the sun, but man himself who cannot contain himself and will unleash nuclear holocaust some time in this, the 21st century. Does it matter that I make this horrible prediction? Of course, it does not matter one wit.

First of all, people have predicted the end of the world even before Noah built his ark. Right now people still talk about Nostradamus and his predictions made in the 16th century. Some so-called scholars have decided that what he was writing in Latin translates somehow into the year 2012 and the date of December 12. I don’t care how they decided that date. The only thing I know about is history. I am not a soothsayer. And all my reading and learning of my favorite subject is that history does teach many lessons. However, we are so narcissistic that we don’t have time to remember the adage, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.”

Any reader or listener knows that at heart I am a pessimist. I am a pessimist because we never have learned that war is man’s greatest folly. This doesn’t mean if my country calls me to fight our enemy, I would not go. It does, however, mean I would have no illusions about the virtue of war. One of our worst presidents was our 28th president: Woodrow Wilson. He needlessly got us in the First World War. There was no Pearl Harbor; there was no World Trade Center attack; it was purely because Wilson had an obsession that a league of nations would be the instrument for a better world. World War I was called, “the war to end all wars.” What a folly that was.

Woodrow Wilson has a bridge named after him in Washington D.C. One has to drive over it since it spans the Potomac. Every time I drive over that bridge, I feel resentment because it is named for a person who was responsible for millions of American casualties and great sorrow for millions of mothers and fathers of brave soldiers who had no reason to be in the muddy fields of Europe . . . fields which ran red with American blood.

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