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Gadhafi’s Not our Biggest Problem

April 12, 2011

I doubt I will ever forget a campaign television message from the Hillary Clinton for president committee. Perhaps you remember it too. With me it is not just a memory, it is a haunting elegy of the doomed Hillary Clinton campaign. Her campaign was doomed because of the duplicity of Teddy Kennedy, Bill Richardson and many other Democrat opportunists who saw Barack Obama as the winner.

These were Democrats who, for a variety of reasons, wanted to abandon the former first lady and get on the bandwagon of the mysterious strange and different candidate from Illinois. But, in the closing days of the primary campaign, when all seemed lost, a brilliant commercial was aired. It started dramatically. On the screen we saw a red telephone ringing and ringing. A voice was heard saying, “It is three o’clock in the morning. The special phone in the Oval Office of the White House is ringing. There is an emergency and the phone is still ringing . . . but who will answer it?”

I thought that was the best political spot of the entire campaign. That commercial for Hillary Clinton was not only magnificent, it was ominously clairvoyant because we have seen time and again how ill prepared Barack Obama is to handle the challenges the world presents to an American president.

The latest example of Obama’s shortcomings is tragically illustrated in the almost comical lack of policy in the Libyan civil war fiasco. I really don’t have the energy to cite the many different statements this unprepared pretender, whom I can’t believe is still our president, made in the last few weeks. Do you remember when he said, “We will be there for days, not weeks?” He said that because it would make a good sound bite. He says whatever will affect his status as president. But, the more he is motivated by politics than policy, the worse his performance in office.

I know Moammar Gadhafi much better than Obama does. That is not saying much because the president doesn’t know anything about him. But, I have known much about this leader since I returned from Israel in the fall of 1970 when I was told by some Israeli officials that Gadhafi was planning a series of terrorist actions. And sure enough they were right and the attack on the Israeli Olympic team complex in Munich, Germany in 1972 was dramatic proof those Mossad agents knew what they were talking about.

But, it would be foolish to dwell solely on the maniacal Libyan leader. Our problem is not Gadhafi, but Obama!

Bob Grant

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