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The Fate of Our Nation

August 17, 2011

So many things are going on in the insane world that I have a difficult time in focusing on any one subject. So, I will try to take the advice I often give callers to the Bob Grant Radio Show, heard every Sunday at 12 noon ET on WABC Radio. I will zero in on the most important person in America. And, that person is you. I watch you as Barack the Boastful is campaigning in your midst. I see you smile and even giggle sometimes when this fake, phony fraud is in your close proximity. He smiles and acts like he really cares about you. That is the key word to help understand this narcissist pretender. It concerns me that his body language, facial expressions and total demeanor are identical to those in 2008 when he was elected to be the 44th president of the United States.

But, he is more than that. He is America’s first sultan. I focus on you because, although your intentions are good and you want what is best for yourself and therefore your country, you have a short memory. I do hope the brilliant Charles Krauthammer can get through to you. I do hope you do not forget that Barack the Boastful made many promises during his first presidential campaign. I do hope you have noticed he lied repeatedly. So, it isn’t merely that I oppose his policies, which have been so calamitous for America; I oppose him because he is a total pretender. I am also concerned because the Republican character is fractious. There is something in the Republican psyche that impels the average Republican to have more energy to fight his brethren than the real enemy: the liberals. I have received many emails from you dear listeners. In most of them, you remind me you heard me say as early as 1970 that America is slipping and sliding toward being a Third World nation.

I believe people like Winston Churchill, who echoed Thomas Jefferson in reminding us that the trouble with democracy is that most people are not capable of practicing it and preserving it. I am not sanguine about the coming election. Already Rick Perry has gotten himself in a mess because of some intemperate language. I am not thrilled with his performance thus far. Will I vote for him? If he is the GOP candidate, I most certainly will. I don’t care who runs against that enemy of America who is currently in the White House. No matter who that person is, we must rally behind him or her and throw off the yoke of this man who, if he gets four more years, will complete the destruction of this once great Republic that he started to destroy on January 20, 2009, when he first took office.

The fate of our once great nation is up to you! Please let me hear from you. Contact me at:

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