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Joe Scarborough Should Be a Democrat

November 15, 2011

For those of you who are frozen to one and only one television network to get your news, I would suggest you experiment and see what the “enemy” is saying. For example, this morning I ventured away from Fox News Network and checked out MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” There I discovered a Joe Scarborough who spent most of the airtime apologizing to his colleagues, who all were liberal Democrats, of course. Why do so-called Republicans feel the need to pander to Democrats? I have never known a Democrat who tried to curry favor with Republicans. This is because the education system in America is controlled by left-wing zealots who inculcate their political philosophy and their left-wing beliefs in their students. Those students come out of college smug and arrogant. They really do believe that the rest of us are “the great unwashed.” They really do believe they are a modern royalty and that the rest of us are ignorant, bigoted klutzes. The rest of us are not fit to occupy important political positions. Our sons, however, are fit to fight and die for whatever the ruling class is necessary.

I am not exaggerating when I describe the Democrat mentality. I know whereof I speak. Having been born and raised in Chicago, I can tell you there is a mentality which is a variation of the pseudointellectual Democrat. The Chicago Democrat is certainly a thug who does not hesitate to intimidate any native who dares to vote Republican. I have told you before of remembering those times as a youngster being told by my playmates that my father should not put up a picture of the Republican running for president because it was anti-American to do so. After all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the true American candidate and any Republican that ran against him was being un-American. I know this sounds inane and stupid because it is inane and stupid. The only reason it continues to this day is that cowards like Joe Scarborough feel inferior to their left-wing coworkers.

If the day ever comes that we stop asking the thugs on the other side to forgive us for our conservative beliefs, than we may have a chance at saving this once great Republic. I do not see that happening. I do not see Barack the Boastful losing next year, and that is why he will go down in history as our last elected president, because one more term is all he needs to bring the likes of Van Jones back to Washington and it will truly be “all over.” So, Joe, will you please do the only honorable thing left for you to do and officially resign from the Republican Party and sign up with those Democrats you feel so inferior to?

Bob Grant

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