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Kevin Mooney’s Excellent Article

February 3, 2011

First of all, let me thank Kevin Mooney, a contributor at The American Spectator, for being one of the few writers and reporters and others in the broadcast business that knows his history and remembers the important role I have played in New Jersey politics and in talk radio.

If I tell you everything he said, it would sound simply like bragging. However, the reportage that Mooney does in his February 1 piece is good, accurate reporting. I commend it to all of you who are reading this blog. You can find the story by clicking here.

What Kevin did was more than just good reporting. He is teaching a lesson to you Republicans who should be wiser since you learned that by being beguiled by the Democrats you only insure future election defeats and you insure that the great victory of 2010 will be for naught. The American Spectator article speaks so well, there is no need for me to impart the important lesson it teaches. The writing by Mooney does that very well.

However, I would like to add a few thoughts which are crucial to the message. I will begin with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King. It is something he said which is seldom mentioned when some civil rights opportunists quote some of King’s more familiar sayings, such as “I have a dream.” Here is the quote I like: “When I look back, it is not the words of my enemies that hurt, but the silence of my friends.”

This is the quote that hit me right between the eyes because before I read the quote of Martin Luther King, I had thought the same thing regarding my crucible. No, I am not equating myself with the great civil rights leader. I am, however, hurt by what happened when New York Magazine, a handful of jealous misfits and a bogus organization conspired to drive me from the air. True, they did not drive me from the air, but they so blemished my reputation that I never achieved the leadership role I had in the talk radio industry.

It is because of their conspiracy against me that Fox News President, Roger Ailes, for example, never sought to employ my services on this cable television network. I am reminded of that almost incessantly because people have asked me repeatedly, “Why aren’t you ever on Fox News Channel?”

That is just one of the reasons I was heartened by Kevin Mooney’s article in the American Spectator. Speaking of the piece in the Spectator, it was splendid, and I thank the author, but my good friend, Tom DeCillis, reminded me that although kudos for the struggle against the Flim-flam Florio tax heist were given to the great Hands Across New Jersey (HANJ) and to me personally. Sam Perelli and the United Taxpayers of New Jersey were overlooked.

Speaking of the great Sam Perelli, on February 6, we will observe the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan. And, on that date another great American was born and his name is Sam Perelli.

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