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Why Must Michael Moore Meddle in Politics?

September 23, 2011

I must confess I have tried to understand what makes Michael Moore or any other weirdo like him, tick. Moore obviously is not sane. And you may notice similarities with some other well known persons. I would appreciate all your input on this subject. I must say I am disappointed that, although I am told many people to log onto, my website, very few of you write to disagree or agree with me. It is for that reason I may suspend, but, that is for another day.

Getting back to the unbalanced Michael Moore, how did he arrive at this stage in his life? Could a psychiatrist explain to us as mere peasants how a person who has become wealthy beyond the dreams of most Americans could so hate the very society that has created the atmosphere for wealth to become his. If he is truly empathetic with the people who are poor or poverty stricken, then why doesn’t he start sharing his great fortune with, for starters, the downtrodden in his home state of Michigan? I suspect this no talent piece of garbage may have guilt feelings because he is so rich and so untalented. He has never shied away from injecting himself into the political dialogue that rages perpetually in this once great Republic. Is he a frustrated member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA)? Does his hatred for the British and his shame at being a “shanty Irishman” bring out this hatred for Americans who may have made almost as much money as he has?

Just today I read his latest fulmination. He said if those who have made good and earned a good amount of money had better share their earned wealth or there will be blood flowing in the streets of America. I don’t say this; he does! And isn’t it interesting that another overweight pile of hatred like Rosie O’Donnell has the same animus for Americans as does Moore? Have they inherited burned out brains from their ancestors? Is there too much alcohol in the repository? Whatever the cause of Moore’s or O’Donnell’s antipathy, they had better not be guilty of fomenting insurrection and riot.

I would like to know what you, dear readers, think about all this. Why indeed do celebrities think it is their obligation to inject themselves into politics? After all, when it comes to things political they are nothing but MORONS!

Bob Grant

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