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The High Cost of Medical Care

November 29, 2011

“Live worse for more!” This was the phrase I coined shortly after I began broadcasting on WMCA in New York in the early 1970s. I created that phrase to assuage the angst of the New York audience who felt wounded by the increase in the cost of subway fares, newspapers, and a host of other price increases. But, that was nothing compared to what we have today. Thanks to Barack Obama and his socialized medicine scheme, and, thanks to the trial lawyers who control the Democrat Party, the cost of medical care is going up yet again beginning in January 2012.


There is no escape. If you are a risk taker and aren’t all risk takers fools? Then, you would say the heck with all these increases in my premiums. I am not going to pay them and I will hope my health holds up so I don’t need to go the hospital or spend a lot of money on medical care. The reason I mention the Trial Lawyers of America when I write about the living worse for more, is that due to medical malpractice cases doctors and other medical providers must pay huge amounts to maintain their medical malpractice insurance. The Republicans have been trying for years to rein in the amounts juries can award to plaintiffs in obscene court cases, but to no avail. The trial lawyers, who own the Democrat Party, will not allow any sensible amelioration of these confiscatory judgments. And it doesn’t seem likely that we will have any relief soon, if ever.


The nation is tottering on the brink of economic and social chaos. I do not exaggerate when I mention the total collapse of the economy and the shredding of our social fabric. I don’t mean this will come about tomorrow or even next year, but the course has been set and as my dear friend, Pat Buchanan, says, 2025 will most likely be the year this once great Republic ceases to exist. I have believed this for some time. I did not pinpoint the year 2025, but my loyal listeners remember I made the prediction years ago that we were slipping and sliding toward third worldism. The great historians and political scientists all seem to agree that the life expectancy of a great nation is roughly 230 years.  We need not be precise, but it is my belief that the empires of history all demonstrate the incredible consistency of the lifespan of these societies. So, for us, why should we be spared? Why should we be exempt from the pitfalls of what happens when a people grow lazy and complacent?


It seems altogether fitting that our demise as the greatest nation in the history of the world should be expedited by a president that doesn’t really like America and in all probability will cheer our extinction. Barack the Boastful, you will be happy! You will have presided over what has been in your heart ever since you and Michelle and Reverend Jeremiah Wright concluded this country should be: “God damn America!”

Bob Grant

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