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A Reader Writes to Obama

September 22, 2011

Dear Readers,

Folks, this was sent by a reader of this website. It is too good for me to not share with you readers. Here it is.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Mr. President:

First off, removing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has led to the new policy of what I call, “No Behind Left Behind.” Statistically the largest number of sexual assaults in the military are within same-sex situations. And now it’s sue time on my tax dollar. It sickens me. Thanks a lot, George Soros. And thanks Brad Manning, I hope you and your boyfriend make up.

Never mind who the Republican candidate will be in 2012. In light of James Carville’s admonitions, the real question is, who the Democratic Party candidate will be, and will the Republican candidate beat that person? Hillary? Yeah, probably. The Chardonnay sipping liberal crones never stopped loving her. African-Americans love her husband. I’m sorry to hear from your speech that you, Mr. President, just aren’t feeling the love. Add in the pro-choice crowd, and, of course, the gays. And who in their right minds thinks that Bill and Chelsea did the gay marriage fundraiser out of the goodness of their hearts? Anyone? Hello? Governor Andrew Cuomo is a possibility too, because he supported gay marriage which generates more cash from Hollywood gays than you can shake a stick at . . . as you know, since this crowd was among your first supporters, Mr. President. And speaking of radical gays, I understand Mr. “Open Society” George Soros was involved in LightSquared — your latest scandal in which courageous General Nelson spoke truth to power. As I said in the past, Maureen the Housecleaner wins, George Soros loses. He ain’t more powerful than God, for truth is the province of the Creator.

I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Ted Kennedy’s oldest daughter, Kara, this past weekend. Brings to mind a potential democratic candidate appearing: Caroline Kennedy. Now that her Mom’s words are out, (I always figured LBJ had JFK killed) everything’s coming up Kennedy. As you recall, Caroline was this close to being appointed by then Governor David Patterson, but she was dating the New York Times guy so Kirsten Gillibrand got the go ahead. I personally would like to see what Gillibrand did with the $3 billion she got for first responders’ healthcare. I hope the money went where it was supposed to go and not to yet even more unions. That lame duck session cost us taxpayers a bundle, by the way.

Caroline Kennedy used to have nice words for you, perhaps until she learned the following: Barack Obama’s friends Bill “the bomber” Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, unrepentant founders of the domestic terrorist group “Weather Underground,” dedicated their 1974 book “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism” to Robert Kennedy’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. No one has adequately explained to me why your pal, Ayers, ain’t doing jail time. I recall how much Ted Kennedy wanted his niece to follow in his footsteps. And since you’ve lowered the bar for Presidential qualifications, Caroline could probably do the job. If Hillary’s resume has former White House residency, then Caroline’s does too. She worked with education, she wrote a book on the disappearance of privacy in America. And, she’s a Kennedy! You know what would be way cool? If Caroline switched to the Republican Party, and became Paul Ryan’s running mate. Not gonna happen. She isn’t a Zell Miller type, most likely, and Uncle Ted would start spinning in the grave like a rotisserie chicken at the A&P at the thought of his niece going conservative.

Speaking of Paul Ryan, here’s a quote from Deroy Murdock, an African-American gentleman who is a New York-based commentator to Human Events, is a columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University. The following is a portion of Murdock’s column:

President Obama’s $787 billion Stimulus has left America sputtering, like a Chevy Volt without its extension cord.

Having learned nothing from this failure, Obama recently unveiled “Stimulus, Jr. the American Jobs Act.” Costing $447 billion, Stimulus, Jr. boasts roughly half of its predecessor’s audacity.

Citing Moody’s data, the pro-Obama Center for American Progress crows that Stimulus, Jr. will create 1.9 million jobs in 2012. Those equal $235,263 each — quadruple the $57,491 cost of an average private-sector position.


All the sick twisted democrats, like “no definition of fair share Rep. Jan Schakowsky,” who thought they were so damn clever in running that dopey wheelchair ad, need to think again. The moment Paul Ryan got interviewed by Jonathan Karl and said his career meant less to him than doing the right thing, God noticed, as did I. And Jewish business people from New York love Paul Ryan just as much as they love Mr. Turner. Paul Ryan puts his family first. Nothing wrong with that. I think a President Ryan could bring his kids into the office to collate papers, help out. Why not? The best example of a good work ethic starts with chores. Who among us has ever forgotten the adorable photograph of little John John under President Kennedy’s desk?

I was among the first to note our corporate tax rate to be among the highest on planet earth. I’m glad people heard me. I’m also the only one to talk about the persistent danger of Muqtada al-Sadr allowed to run amuck in Iraq. And I was the first to call for a Paul Ryan/Marco Rubio ticket. Hillary Clinton in 2012? Heard it from me first. And, incidentally, the only thing in the way of Paul Ryan is Donald Trump. Trump’s jealous of Ryan’s brains, good looks and public service. At this time, Rick Perry needs to ask himself if he can beat Hillary Clinton.

I spoke to a friend whose Mom, a staunch Republican in 1960, voted for JFK because of his looks, charisma, etc. Doesn’t matter why a woman votes for Paul Ryan. Votes are votes. Only Paul Ryan can beat Hillary Clinton. You have had every opportunity to listen to me, Mr. President. You chose not to. You persisted with the stimulus/make work and jobs for union contributors to the Democratic Party, to the tune of a trillion dollars. Man, that money would come in handy now. Your base, your base, your base. I’m sick of hearing about your base. Your base sucks. Largely because Soros funds them. Wouldn’t be surprised if Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets some Soros dough. Granted, it’s not her fault that her voice sounds like her nose is full of mayonnaise, but come on. The woman lies and bashes Republicans constantly, and is not re-electable. And whoever perms her hair would never get business in my neighborhood. And then I got the treat of watching Nancy Pelosi yesterday on C-Span. I’ve got the solution for her. It’s called Alcoholics Anonymous. Nancy, it was Hurricane Irene, not “Hurricrean Irene.” Please Nancy lay off the Smirnoff before you get in front of a microphone on national TV. We all remember how high her vodka bill was on taxpayer-funded jets. Time to investigate Fraud Pelosi’s vast Soros ties.

Speaking of jets, enough! Enough with going after owners of private jets. They actually create jobs. Mechanics, caterers, upholstery cleaners, pilots. Wake up, wake up, wake up and smell the cappuccino, Mr. President. You could confiscate every dime from every billionaire, and run my government for a couple of months. And I’m sick of two phrases: balanced approach and deficit reduction. Until someone fixes that baseline stuff, you’ll continue to misconstrue spending cuts. And for God’s sake, stop letting our enemies know about any military cuts. It is like saying, “We’re weak. Come and get us.” But you won’t wake up. And I haven’t even talked about what I’m paying for gasoline. I blame this on your ego. You don’t want to be held responsible for another oil spill, so regulations have sent the oil companies packing. You’d rather throw away my money on green outrages. Leave your ego at the door, please. And Steven Chu still has a job, huh? Why not just call it the department of “You Can’t Have Any Energy.”

We have the highest corporate taxes except for Japan. And we know what a failure their stimulus plan was. You call for higher wage jobs. You are so clueless about what an employee needs to do to even justify their existence at a company. You sound like you’re shouting at a union hall when you’re doing that. High taxes on anyone kills private sector investment. My state, Connecticut, is a mess. Yet we have an income tax, through-the-roof property taxes, a high sales tax and even tax people for sharpening lawn mower blades! Yes, it’s called a use tax. They started this retroactive tax and a letter to the editor spoke of this guy getting hit with $60 a week more in taxes! That’s $240 a month. Could pay a mortgage on a house with $240 a few years back! But as long as we have radical gays marrying within and running the state, watch for taxes to skyrocket.

Please do us all a favor and step down. And take Biden with you. Weird, I’ve heard radio callers at least three times speak of a John Boehner presidency. And it’s my understanding that the Chicago scandal of Rev. Wright will be in a tabloid next week. Anyone see the movie “A Few Good Men”? Anyway, Jack Nicholson got asked by Tom Cruise, “Who Ordered the Code Red”? Well, Mr. President, who ordered the code red on Donald Young and Larry Bland? Anything to do with would-be ballerina Rahm Emanuel needing to be mayor to oversee the police cover-up and gain access to the city of Chicago paper shredder? Did Soros order it? Did someone from a previous administration order it? Let’s not forget that Vince Foster’s death was instantaneously deemed a suicide. Mr. President, game over. Step down. I think it’s time. Unlike Congress, nobody pays me off. I’ve earned not a dime, yet think my country is worth my time to write a letter or two.

Prayers and utmost gratitude for our military,

Maureen Crowley


That slams the lid onthings for today

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