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Obama’s Attempt to Wreck the Debate

September 2, 2011

You don’t need me to tell you this is the Labor Day weekend. What is the significance of this particular holiday? What is the significance of any official holiday in the U.S.A. anymore? Originally this particular holiday was created to honor the working man, and by happenstance, his family. But does anybody really work anymore? And if we take the word labor and try to apply it to this first Monday in September it seems archaic.

I have been a union member for a long time. I had to join the union which negotiates our union contract with the broadcasting companies. But, whatever salary I have made was not based on what the union agreed to with the broadcasters. My income has been based on what the company felt was proper in view of what listenership I could attract. There is more to this than you are reading right now, but if I went into all the aspects of a talk show host’s worth, you would become bored and you would stop reading this.

There is some dispute as to how the holiday actually began, but I will spare you the labyrinth of minutiae and tell you that President Grover Cleveland declared the first Monday in September would henceforth be a federal holiday to honor the working men and women of America. President Cleveland did this to assuage the feelings of workers who were upset over Cleveland’s handling of the Pullman Palace Car Company workers labor dispute. That was in 1894 and we have taken it for granted that we should enjoy the last holiday of summer and, of course, go to the stores and all other outlets selling something or other and spend, spend, spend. But, Labor Day also means it is time to stop wearing white and time to get back to school and for politicians to start spewing the hot air. Naturally all this reminds me whether you have noticed that Barack the Boastful has been in campaign mode for . . . well, forever really, but lately more than ever.

I am reminded to take my hat off to John Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives. He did not let Mr. O. get away with a tawdry, cheap stunt. You see, Wednesday night, Sept. 7 a big Republican debate has been scheduled. Obama thought he could sabotage that event by announcing he was going to address a joint session of Congress. But, Mr. Boehner said, “I am the speaker of the house and I will not call the house into session on that night. Obama knew his ploy didn’t work and he moved the day to Thursday night instead of Wednesday night. But, on that night the National Football League begins the season with a game commencing at eight p.m. Therefore, the sultan will have to give his speech before that time. We shall have to see how all this turns out.

At any rate, the election is 14 months away and already we have been put on notice that our 44th president and first sultan is obsessed with winning a second term. To sum it all up, it means if he wins, we lose. It is truly going to be a bumpy ride. May God spare us a second term for this pompous, arrogant narcissist!

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