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Burning the Koran

April 4, 2011

I really don’t think I can take it any longer. I can’t take American leaders always blaming some loon who is an American whenever a Muslim in any country, including our own, commits a heinous crime. You probably know that our loon in chief, the Reverend Terry Jones did finally burn that Koran which bothered him so much. I couldn’t care less if Pastor Jones burns a ton of Korans every morning before he eats his Cheerios.

Would I do it? No, I don’t feel the need to give Mohammad a hot foot. But why do United States members of Congress go on the Sunday talk shows to condemn Jones because about a dozen or so United Nations workers were killed by Afghan Islamic killers? And why should any of us here in America be afraid to label this terrible act what it is? It is a cowardly act of Islamic terrorism.

I am not going to waste ink in writing the mandatory mantra — oh, it is only a few Muslims and most of them are virtual saints. Doesn’t that pandering make you sick? But ever since the liberals, headed by the America-hating New York Times and America-hating CBS, NBC and ABC realized that the average American is so shallow and illiterate that he can be manipulated whatever way the left chooses, they have manipulated the public. I know it is not self-serving for me to antagonize so many of you readers of this column by saying what I believe.

If you are an exception to what I just wrote, then good for you. When Stuart Chase wrote the “Tyranny of Words,” he knew what he was saying. That is why Upchuck Schumer said only last week that the Democrat National Committee has instructed him and other craven Democrats to keep referring to their political opponents as EXTREMISTS! But, what is an extremist? Extreme about what? Does anybody really know or care?

It reminds me of my childhood when other kids would hear a new word and even though they didn’t know what it meant, they would call everybody else that name. That is why I don’t blame Schumer and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for doing what they do. If the American people demonstrated more knowledge then maybe they would stop, although quite frankly I doubt it.

Before I sign off let me take note of the date this column is being written: April 4. On this date in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot down in Memphis, Tennessee. That was one of the most tragic days in American history. It was tragic because a great man and role model was assassinated. It also was one of the most tragic days because it allowed Black Americans to feel entitled to burn down great portions of many American cities, and it set the stage for the creation of a national holiday in Dr. King’s honor.

Most white Americans didn’t feel that he should be so honored. After all, there are many other Americans who should be honored instead of him. But, because every state in the union was afraid not to vote for the commemoration of his birthday, January 15, 1929, it was voted in and the heck with the father of our country, George Washington — to heck with the greatest of all presidents, the man who kept the union together — Abraham Lincoln. We will roll them all up into a ball and call it President’s Day!

Does anybody dare agree with me? Does anybody dare express their honest opinion anymore? You don’t dare, do you? Let’s be honest.This was a great Republic once upon a time when freedom of speech prevailed.

Bob Grant

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