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February 15, 2011

Today, everyone is a pundit. I have come to the conclusion that the Internet is a monster; or rather it is the cause of more monsters existing than ever before. I am not talking about those ugly, repulsive creatures that only motion picture directors or cartoonists create. I am talking about an onslaught of overnight wonders who know all there is to know on any subject —especially the subject of saving this once great Republic.

I am horrified, yes, horrified at the anger and viciousness that emanates from these monsters. If any of us has an opinion that is different from theirs, then that person is a moron or worse. It is impossible for anyone writing into websites on the Internet to dispute an opinion by using logic or facts or even a suggestion that the person who has aroused his ire may want to reconsider his position.

No, that would be too simple. That would not be the thing to do when instead one could foam at the mouth and show how low we human beings have sunk. Yes, I am generalizing for a very good reason. Those few individuals who do not blog in an ugly and filthy way are few and far between.

There are, instead, a plethora of uncouth scoundrels who add nothing to the national discourse. Truth be told, my dear reader, we are beings, but hardly human. I know in your lifetime you will see this once great Republic collapse because we no longer deserve to survive and thrive.

I say this without one scintilla of joy. Rather, I say it with sadness. Sadness because I think of the beautiful words of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and all the other Founding Fathers who have been spared from seeing what 21st century Americans have done to what they have bestowed upon us.

And so to those of you who will outlive me and the inevitable fall, please think of me. Think of me, if for no other reason than it will assure me, wherever I may be, that you read and listened and therefore you knew.

If you look out your window and you see the Chinese 1st Army marching by, do not hate them. Rather, you might want to thank them for saving you from enduring the banal milieu that celebrityitis has fostered.

And straight ahead!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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