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The Attack on Jerome Corsi’s New Book

May 23, 2011

There is an old adage which applies to anybody, no matter what line of work you may be in. The saying is, “It is better to be lucky than to be good.” It has happened to me so many times in my life and in my work (which really means the same thing). That is, my work has been my life. I know that some of you, who read, have accused me of being a whiner and feeling sorry for myself. If that is what you believe, so be it. You have a right to continue reading my posts, not reading my posts, or reading them and complaining or not complaining as the case may be. I do wish you would do two things. Number one I do wish you would read my website,, and secondly, tell a friend to do the same.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I will express my latest lament. I interviewed bestselling author, Jerome R. Corsi, on my show on Sunday. It was an incredible interview because I was sucked in as was everybody else that believed Corsi’s book entitled, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President” was pulled from the shelves and all 200,000 copies were consigned to the furnace. The reason given by Esquire Magazine was that since President Barack Obama finally produced the birth certificate, Corsi was embarrassed and so was his publisher, World Net Daily.

Corsi told me right off the bat that Esquire was going to be sued because they published a false story and did so to harm the book and spoil Corsi’s reputation. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the book has not been taken off the shelves and more importantly that Corsi has not retracted one word of what is in the book. Since its release, the book has been selling at a brisk pace. And as a matter of fact, if you were to read the book and view the pictures presented therein, I think you would agree that Obama did not produce a genuine birth certificate but one that was doctored to look like one.

I asked this question: Why did the president wait until now to produce the copy whether fake or authentic? The answer is somewhat complicated, perhaps. First of all, the White House knew the book was coming out. Secondly, thanks to Donald Trump’s bold assertions and all the publicity he was able to garner, the public began to get more suspicious of Obama. So the decision was made to destroy Corsi’s reputation and make it seem like the issue of the birth certificate had been put to rest — thanks to the production of the fake document.

Why all the subterfuge? Why all the lies and counter charges? It should be obvious to any American with an open mind that if there was a genuine birth certificate that proved Obama was a natural born American citizen, the issue would have never come up or it would have been put to pasture immediately. And still you might be wondering, “What about Bob Grant telling us he has something to whine about?” It may not seem important to you, but on the Internet it was reported that Jerome Corsi was interviewed on WABC, and not a mention of yours truly. And yet after he finished the interview with me, he was interviewed by a fellow in Cincinnati. That fellow’s name was mentioned. Should this bother me? I am afraid it does because I think the publisher may have had something to do with it.

Was it malicious? No, he would have no reason to do it purposely. It is just one of those things. If you write to this website to tell me off, I will understand. Thank you for reading this.

Bob Grant

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