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Bob Grant

The Last Time Iran Crossed Us

September 30, 2011

The bellicose regime which holds the Iranian people in virtual bondage has announced it intends to flaunt its alleged military might by sending naval warships into American waters. The last time the Iranians showed they were not afraid of us was when Jimmy Carter was president. How can I ever forget that day? It was on November 4, 1979. The Iranians, including the unknown Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seized the American embassy in Teheran. They held our fellow Americans captive in the American complex for 444 days. It was only when Ronald Reagan was being inaugurated on January 20, l985 that the Ayatollah released the American hostages because the Iranian vermin knew that unlike Jimmy “;I will never lie to you” Carter, President Ronald Reagan would not stand for an American embassy containing American citizens to be held captive a day longer!

Now we have a strange person in the White House . . .a person whom I do not perceive as the spirit of what an American president should be. He is feckless and does everything as though he is campaigning for re-election. Come to think of it, that is exactly what he is doing. Everything he says, everything he does, is based on the question,“Will this help me get a second term?” Unfortunately too many American voters will be impressed by the constant scenes of this president acting as though he really cares. The truth is, and this cannot be said too often, he is only concerned with that second term and if he gets it. I guarantee in four years we will be irretrievably lost to socialism.

Some of us won’t be around in the year 2017, but for those of us who will be witnesses to the death of this once great Republic, we may cry, but that is all we will be able to do. The sad truth is, it will be our fault — our fault because we remained ignorant and lazy. We were too ignorant of the facts and too lazy to learn from history.

Bob Grant

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