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The Most Important Date in My Life

June 14, 2011

I was doing something I do all too often — that is I was really doing nothing except perusing my emails when I chanced upon an email from a long-time listener who did not realize I wrote a column called BobGrantOnline. He said reading my piece reminded him of all those days and nights he would listen to my radio show and how he would get so involved with the program he could not turn the radio off and would sit in his driveway until a station break would give him the impetus to get out of the car.

I am spending too much time telling you absolutely nothing because it never ceases to amaze me that so many listeners still treasure those memories of hearing the Bob Grant Radio Show. I feel at this stage of my life, perhaps I should try to share some of my wisdom with you good folks who read the column. First of all, don’t spend too much time reminiscing unless you are going to learn something about yourself. I was told at an A.A. meeting many years ago this bit of advice: Life is not a destination, but a journey. In this journey the most important person you should meet is yourself!

Think about that. What did they mean about meeting oneself? What they meant was really profound. If you don’t really know yourself, you will continue to flounder and drown. Most of the people I have met were always looking at the other person to blame for whatever went wrong. They were always analyzing the other guy. So, if we focus on ourselves and take stock of our shortcomings and our character flaws maybe we can correct those problems. But whatever you do know you will never achieve perfection, but you can achieve progress.

What has me talking like this? I have watched many Glenn Beck programs, and he talks many times about being in A.A. He likes to announce that he is sober and has been for a period of time. None of you ever really heard me talk about that. But, on July 11, I will celebrate 42 years of sobriety. I became sober while I was still living and working in Los Angeles. I was always told not to divulge the names of people I met at all those wonderful meetings I attended. I loved going to meetings and hearing people tell of their experiences and how they received the greatest gift of their lives. I knew what they meant and I shared my stories with them. I didn’t just go to meetings to listen to others, but I went there to share what I had to offer. When I moved to New York I continued going to meetings. My home base was the Forest Hills group, but I was able to share many rewarding times at meetings throughout the tri-state area.

I marvel how things have gone so fast since that Friday on July 11, 1969. All that time, no matter what happened and I did have many crises and upsets, but I never forgot the fact that my sobriety was the most important possession I had. I remembered what others had told me. I remembered that nothing was so bad that a drink was going to solve it. I have quietly listened to the Glenn Becks who mean well, but did—t realize they are not the only ones to have suffered from the disease of alcoholism.

So, as I approach my birthday in which my entire life was reborn of 7/11/69, I say thanks to the people I met along the journey, and most of all thanks to my higher power who has always been there for me no matter what. If this has been boring to any of you, I am sorry, but just maybe some of you may have been helped. And remember that bit about life being a journey and not a destination. And remember who that most important person you should meet is.

Have you met him yet?

Bob Grant

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