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The End of America as We Knew It

January 19, 2011

I am going to do what the public has come to expect from me; I am going to write not just prepared text, but to share with you my real thoughts even though they may shock you.

I write what you are about to read not for the purpose of shocking you, but to tell you how I honestly feel. I really have no way of knowing whether other editorialists or writers tell you what is in their hearts.

I am not concerned with them. They all write well enough so they don’t need me to explain them. It is difficult enough to explain myself. The only point I want to make in today’s posting is this: As much as I have loved my country, or should I say our country, I can no longer get concerned over the fact the Chinese are not only overtaking us economically, but militarily as well.

When we defeated the Japanese and the Germans simultaneously and then held off the Communists in the hot war on the Korean Peninsula, and then after what seemed like an eternity won the Cold War, I felt a pride and gratitude unlike any other time in my life.

But, that feeling was because America was my country, my nation, my home. Now, it has become simply a stretch of geography — a beautiful piece of mother earth where I live and work, and where I will die. It is no longer my country because instead of striving to be Americans, most people are catered to as African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and, yes, even Muslims.

The alleged president in the White House is not really an American in his heart as other presidents before him were. He has said repeatedly that he is ashamed of America. What leader who has been elected by the people has a feeling of shame rather than pride and love?

But, at the risk of once again being called a racist, I will say it seems obvious that this 44th president has only resentment and hatred for America because it really is white America he hates. And, with the demographics being what they are, the day is not too far off when European white Americans will be in an ever dwindling minority.

I won’t be here to see the America of the year 2040 or 2050, but some of you will. Will the Al Sharptons of the year 2050 allow you to continue your life as you once did? The possibilities are endless for the types of retribution you will have to pay.

And oddly enough, the only thing that may save you from becoming an abused and tortured minority could be a Chinese victory of our America which doesn’t exist as it once did, anyhow.

So think about it. What is there to fight for if the Chinese engage us? What is there to save? As things stand now, and as the demographics portend only calamity, I say if we lose to the Chinese it won’t matter because we have defeated ourselves already.

We signed our nation’s death warrant when we enacted the Immigration and Nationality Act on October 3, l965. That was, thanks to Teddy Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and Bobby Kennedy, the legislation that said henceforth our legal immigrants will come from Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, totaling 85 percent. And only 15 percent may come from Europe. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

And, remember this. This occurred on a bad date in our history. Not only was the destructive, suicidal Immigration and Nationality Act passed on October 3, but that was the date in l995 when the jury in the O.J. Simpson trial said those two words that signaled the end of the legal system as we had known it — not guilty!

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