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No Illusions about the Mainstream Media

May 11, 2011

It has been too many days since I sat at this keyboard to share some thoughts and ideas with you. I am too preoccupied with some rather mundane matters which have caused me to harbor butterflies in my stomach. But, I will put that aside for the moment to focus on something far more important. And that something is the dishonest, corrupt mainstream press.

I think we are all familiar with the names of some of the more prominent members of the left-wing society of former journalists who have become public relations manipulators for Barack Obama and anyone who calls himself a democrat. If a person is a democrat, he or she can do no wrong. People like Chris Matthews, George Stephanopoulos, the entire staff of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and I need not go on any further. I think we all know who the usual suspects are.

I was in the journalism school at the University of Illinois. We were taught to answer five basic questions whenever we were writing a news story. It seems so quaint in retrospect, but we were told to take pride in reporting the facts and not to shade any story to suit whatever political leanings we had. Even the legendary Edward R. Murrow, who was definitely a liberal, did not constantly denigrate conservatives. True, he did take on Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin, but even then he did sound vicious and hateful — at least to me.

I remember introducing Ed while the entire CBS crew was in Chicago for the 1952 conventions, and then again in l956. He was a gentleman and a true intellect who I respected even though I knew his politics and mine were not on the same page. The point I wish to make is when did the left in this country stop even pretending to be evenhanded? Even though there is nothing I can do about the corruption of the mainstream media, I can only try to inform the public the facts and remind them to make up their own minds. If they do, then I think we may be spared a Barack Obama second term.

Let us pray!

Bob Grant

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