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A Horrific Hurricane and Obama Is Absent as Usual

August 29, 2011

I really don’t feel like writing this column today. However, I know many of you will be disappointed if I don’t, so here goes. First of all, have you noticed how politicians love to grab the spotlight when there is a special event such as a hurricane or flood or some other conflagration? I can’t really blame them because if they don’t make it painfully obvious that they care and are doing everything in their power to make everything come out right, then people will say they were shirking their duty.

The only politician who can get away with not appearing to be too interested in showing up is the 44th president and our first and only sultan . . . Barack the Boastful. But, Obama has an edge that no other president has ever had. It must be said that were it not for his being blessed by being black he would not get away with all he has gotten away with. Don’t think I am not concerned about being called a racist. After all, I had my career crippled by being called that name years ago. When I was first called a racist it was not by black people, but by ultraliberal white people. These were people who were gunning for me quite a while. Because of my monstrous ratings, they could get rid of me. They wanted my conservative opinions off the air. So, they took advantage of two things. Number one was, and I admit it, my blunt manner of discussing issues that did have racial overtones. The language I used was subject to interpretation, but suffice to say that when someone is looking for something he will find it. So number one was the vulnerability of the verbiage. Number two was the fact that so many people are afraid of the NAACP and other black groups. These are white people who say nasty things about blacks when no one is around, but in general public and before an audience are forever demonstrating their credentials as the first abolitionists. I can only say about my white colleagues they are smarter than I was. I really didn’t mean to go off on this tangent. However, it is difficult for me to let go because I still bear the scars of so many slanderous attacks. If I can ever erase those scars, I might be a happier person. I am sorry to subject you to this, but since I do not look upon you as an audience but as friends, I feel comfortable being so candid.

So, I will have to accept the fact that Barack Obama can get away with things because he had a black father and is looked upon as an African-American. Perhaps it was bound to happen this way since our history is what it is. After all, if you know anything about our history, you know the tragic way the black man was treated for so long on this continent. But, that was then and this is now, so let us hope we can go forward without carrying the baggage of white guilt. After all, none of us has ever operated a plantation worked by our slaves.

Straight ahead! And, did we finally get Moammar Gadhafi?

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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