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July 28, 2011

Have you ever wondered what the term transgender means? Have you ever been upset while watching a so-called gay rights’ parade? Have you ever allowed yourself to step back from the argument and ask yourself what makes a gay person gay or what makes a woman a lesbian and a man want to marry another man? Years ago these were not really public questions. People who had the proclivity to be a homosexual did not advertise their wants and needs. They tried, for the most part, to live their lives and conduct themselves under the radar. Then, like all things in America, we went to what seemed to most of us the opposite extreme. Instead of hiding their lifestyle, they flaunted it and demanded we accept these alternative lifestyles and that we reaffirm their belief that their lifestyle is normal.

In my view, homosexuality is not normal, but many things are not normal and if no one is injured by any conduct we deem to be abnormal, then what’s the difference? I know some of you, maybe many of you, may be shocked that I write this, but I have made a personal decision that I am not going to waste the rest of my life obsessing about people who do things I consider abhorrent as long as they don’t do them in my presence. And, guess what? They don’t. Outside of television showing two men kissing on the lips, which I find distasteful, I believe we must adopt a policy of live and let live. What I object to is militant behavior which is demanding our sanctioning their lifestyle.

As for transgender people, I used to think they had a choice. I was stupid enough to believe a woman who changed to being a man, or a man who changed into a woman, was doing something he wanted to, not something he or she had to do. However, I was wrong. Transgender people have no choice. Anyone who is a prisoner of his or her own body should be treated with understanding and respect. They need understanding and support — not derision and hate. They did not choose to be prisoners of their own bodies. I am writing this because I believe those of us who are lucky enough to be born as we are should be thankful and understanding. Does this mean I agree with the decision to approve homosexual marriages? No, I still believe Governor Andrew Cuomo was wrong, but if the state of New York does not demand I invite a gay couple to enter my home and force me to throw rice, then I say let us all get on with our lives as best we can and be united as human beings.

But we should not be forced to put up with the lies and duplicity of Barack the boastful, who must not win a second term. How did that get in this editorial? Obama’s like a stench that permeates the landscape no matter what time of day or where we are. Straight ahead and write to to let me know what you think of this blog.

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