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Hillary: Obama’s Running Mate for 2012

March 28, 2011

I have a scoop. If anybody asks you where you heard what I am about to share with you, make sure you let them know you read it on

Here it is: Barack Obama, the very same one that is going to once again bulldoze the American people in his speech tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time, will choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate in 2012! You can take this to the bank.

Here is why I make this prediction. First of all, Joe Biden was and is a joke. He has added nothing to this administration’s credibility. He has been an embarrassment. But, even more importantly, Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state has shown that the commercial her campaign aired toward the end of the Democrat primary of 2008 was prescient and all too true. That was the one where we saw the red telephone ringing in the Oval Office of the White House. The narrator said, in a very ominous manner, “It is three a.m. The special White House phone is ringing because some urgent event is happening. But who will answer that phone? Will it be someone who knows the world? Will it be someone with the experience and temperament to respond to the crisis? Or, will it be someone who has neither the background nor the character to rise to the occasion to keep America safe?”

That essentially is what the Hillary for President campaign announcement said. Of course, we heard the voice say at the conclusion of the effective announcement say, “This announcement was paid for by the Hillary Clinton for President Committee.” And throughout these past several months, since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and the upheaval all over the Middle East culminating in the Libyan uprising, Hillary has shown a steady hand and cool demeanor. Her presence has been a sharp contrast with Obama, who although the president, has acted just like what he is . . . indecisive, timid and anything but a leader. When you add that to what happened in the last three years regarding woman’s rising stature on the political stage, it makes sense that Obama do the one thing which will assure him a second term.

I make this prediction, not because I want the president to have a second term, Lord knows, I didn’t want him to have a first term. But, the time is so ripe for this selection of Hillary to replace bumbling Joe Biden. There is no other way for the man so many of us loathe, to be elected to a second term.

Just remember: You heard it first here!

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