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Most Electable Candidate: Mitt Romney

November 21, 2011

On my radio program this past Sunday, I managed to upset many of my listeners because I once again warned that Barack the Boastful Obama would win a second term if the Republicans don’t unify behind their candidate, no matter who that candidate may be. I do believe the GOP followers had better stop being unrealistic and remember the great William F. Buckley’s admonition that if we can’t get the most conservative candidate to be our standard bearer, let us make sure we pick the most electable candidate. I am fed up with the pathetic way this selection process is playing out. This could be a worse outcome than the 2008 fiasco when people like Rudy Giuliani chickened out and former Senator Fred Thompson fell asleep while making speeches.

This time we must not get bogged down in the Ron Paul fantasy. I like Ron Paul. He is a decent man who has many good ideas. Those ideas are good because they are close to what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they created the United States of America and gave us the greatest document for government ever conceived. But, Mr. Paul is what amounts to a fringe candidate because here in the 21st century things have changed so dramatically that the Congressman’s prescriptions for what ails us do not mesh with the reality of the times. I know there are many of you who could interrogate me and I would not blame you if you did.

However, I am not the one who gets to pick our candidate. I can only tell you why some of us have to put aside some of our idealism and focus totally and unrelentingly on the most important goal of our time. As a matter of fact, this goal is the most important since the great Abraham Lincoln saved the union by keeping his eye on that mission he was elected to carry out — the preservation of the union. This election, which will be held less than one year from now, will determine whether the United States of America can limp into the future or whether we will have to accept the Obama regime which will shove down our throats pure socialism.

The man who seems to fit the person William F. Buckley had in mind when he said, “We may not have the most conservative person carrying our banner, but we must have the most electable one."” That one is . . . Mitt Romney.

Bob Grant

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