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December 2, 2011

I have been spending many hours lately trying to figure out a better system of government than the one we currently have. I cannot come up with any format that does not trample on the Constitution the Founding Fathers gave us. As Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst kind of government except for all those other kinds.” As usual, Churchill put profound truths in a quotable, wise context. There was no one who had a greater gift than the leader of the United Kingdom during their finest hour than “Winnie.” It is true that the great selfless patriots of the 18th century, who gave us the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Republic were divinely inspired. And, it is true that the founders of this once great Republic were guided by the history that unfolded before they assumed the leadership of this new nation.

But, how could they have foreseen the generations to be born in the 200 years since 1776? There was no way they could have foreseen the divisions that would permeate every pore of our body politic. There was no way they could have foreseen the consequences of that ugly institution called slavery. Because of our guilt for those decades of brutality and inhumanity, we have quacked and groveled before the bullies like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to name just two of the opportunists who have taken advantage of our guilt and our cowardice. Perhaps someday I may have the time and the energy to do justice to this complex and vexing issue. On the other hand, I know all too well how impossible it is for a white man to challenge the current mind-set of most Americans. That mind-set has it that if you have fairly sized up this 44th president and have found him to be one of the worst, if not the worst president in our history, then you are without question a racist!

This appraisal of this failure of a president and the disgust one must have with his ingenuous statements must be based not on fact, but on prejudice. So, how does one honestly campaign against him for the 2012 election? The answer is that one must be brave and true to the facts and true to the remedy needed to solve our dilemma. I know if there is ever to be a forum where two people can present two different opinions and one person is black and the other white, the white person will spend more time pleading he is not guilty of the sin of racism. The black person will not have to dilute his side of the argument and confess his racist views. The black participant will roll along blithely casting aspersions on all white folk and anyone who disagrees with him or Barack the Boastful.

Everyone talks about “a level playing field”, but there can be no level playing field when one side is full of self-righteousness and the other side is full of guilt and fear. Think about these things and if you have anything to contribute, whether it be supportive or otherwise, write to Please let me hear from you!

Bob Grant

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