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The Stench of Gloria Allred

November 7, 2011

If anybody out there hasn’t heard about Herman Cain and his being the subject of allegations having to do with sexual harassment, welcome to planet earth. And, if you also don’t know who Gloria Allred is, you are lucky. I first met Gloria when both of us were guests on the very popular Morton Downey Jr. television program. Back in the 1980s, before Fox News Channel and Rush and all those overpaid talkers, the Morton Downey Jr. Show was the talk of the country.

People weren’t quite used to honesty in talk programming. The subject of the show that night was the feminist uprising and the fact that so-called feminists were taking advantage of the “feminine mystique.” I had never met Madame Allred. She had heard of me and what she heard she didn’t like. She heard that I was a male chauvinist. In Gloria Allred’s book, any man who did not want to turn into Mr. Casper Milquetoast was a thug and a cur. With Morton egging us on, the two of us had at it. I enjoyed the experience because, quite frankly, I enjoy performing. I enjoy being on the stage, on camera, on the microphone. In short, I am a ham and an exhibitionist. Speaking in public is what I have done all my life and I find it hard to give it up. After all, why should I give up something I love to do? See how carried away I can get when I am talking about my favorite subject — me.

Getting back to Gloria, after the show, she said it was nice meeting me and she enjoyed our encounter. I must admit I found her engaging and enjoyed the repartee. I didn’t see Ms. Allred again until June of 1996. It was at the D.C. Sheraton where Talkers Magazine was holding its annual awards’ dinner. I was receiving a freedom of speech award. At about four in the afternoon, I walked across the hotel lobby to take an elevator to the floor where my room was located. I pressed the button and the elevator door opened, and, there was Gloria Allred. She smiled, gave me a hug, a kiss, and said, “Bob Grant, congratulations! You certainly deserve the award. I look forward to hearing your talk.”

So much for insincerity. When the introduction was being given and I was asked to come up to the stage, all of a sudden I heard a chorus of voices sing out, “Shame, shame, shame. To give this award to racist Bob Grant is a shame.” Everyone in the audience was stunned, including me. And who was leading the chorus? You guessed it . . . Gloria Allred. As a matter of fact, when I was being eulogized by Michael Harrison, the host of the event and publisher of Talkers Magazine, Gloria started in again until the people in the auditorium told her and her stooges to stop it. That story, although there is much more than I have revealed here, epitomizes what Gloria Allred is all about: self-promotion! She is described as a celebrity attorney. That is what she and so many like her are all about — celebrity.

So I am not surprised that she is taking advantage of the Herman Cain fiasco. Just as horses leave manure, so too does Gloria Allred leave her own stench in any circus where she poses as the ringmaster. My Uncle Angelo use to say, “In this world, you don’t need talent, all you need is nerve . . . lots of nerve!” Gloria, you’re lucky you have proven how right my uncle was!

Bob Grant

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