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We Need a Game Plan

March 30, 2011

There should be no doubt about the qualifications for the job of president and commander in chief. Barack Obama does not have the qualifications — period. There are several areas where we can judge our so-called leaders. There are various aspects to a person’s character and knowledge and, above all, honesty.

I am trying to keep this simple. First of all, Obama demonstrated during his time in the Illinois legislature and his time in the United States Senate, a lack of courage and a dishonesty which ill behooves a man who claimed that he was the change agent during the presidential campaign of 2008. Here is a man who has never shown his birth certificate. Here is a man who has sealed his school records. Here is a man who pretends now that he is a Christian and although it doesn’t make any difference to me what, if any, church he goes to, it does make a difference if he goes to a church to hear the ravings of a racist like Jeremiah Wright. It was bad enough that Obama sat in this so-called church on Chicago’s South Side, but it is an absolute outrage that he claims he did not know the vitriol and anti-white, anti-American slander spewed out. How could he sit there for 20 years and not know what Jeremiah Wright was all about? This conduct on the part of the president is damning evidence that the 44th president of the United States is a fake, phony, and a fraud.

Why am I going into this now? Because, once again we see the terrible cost we voters are paying for allowing a disingenuous person to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. In all likelihood, Libya will remain in Moammar Gadhafi’s hands. Our military mission, such as it is, will be disgraced. Those of you who are more expert than I when it comes to military matters will tell you that if the no fly zone had been established over three weeks ago, the rebels would be prevailing. But, because Obama cannot make a decision when he is supposed to, the time has lapsed and Gadhafi is winning.

So, we can see that this man is not fit to be president. Furthermore, he cannot control himself because of his blind hatred and jealousy of his predecessor, George W. Bush. In his speech the other night he could not resist making a reference to Iraq. Obama is bad enough, but he is even more harmful to America because he is a member of a morally bankrupt political party — a party who has gotten away with murder by using the same playbook year after year.

And, because the American people are not too bright, the ploy works. What ploy? They refer to anything Republican as EXTREME. The Democrats know that calling whatever a member of the GOP says EXTREME will damage the Republicans. It has worked in the past. Maybe it won’t work anymore because Senator Charles Schumer of New York was heard saying he has been coached to use that word. By the time he knew his words had gone over a live microphone, it was too late.

In 1937 a Connecticut writer who was a leftist named Stuart Chase wrote a book entitled, “The Tyranny of Words.” Apparently the liberals read it. Too bad the conservatives didn’t. If they adopt the same technique the left uses, we just might get somewhere. In the meantime, let us pray the Grand Old Party will select a winning candidate and hopefully the damage created by Barack Obama will cease.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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